Conference Announcement by the Terrorism and Political Violence Association (TAPVA)

Conference Announcement by the Terrorism and Political Violence Association (TAPVA)
Horizon Scanning: 21st Century Insecurities

 London, June 14-16th 2013

TAPVA’s first international conference is a collaborative effort between academic, Think Tank and government partners, offering an opportunity to explore policy-relevant contemporary security threats. Hosted by the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, the themes of the conference have been selected after consultations with policy makers at the Home Office and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, alongside Think Tanks such as the Quilliam Foundation and the Foreign Policy Centre.  

The conference will involve panels consisting of established academics, policy-makers and representatives from Think Tanks. The aims of these sessions are: 

  • to have informed, in-depth, and accessible discussions; 
  • to be policy-relevant and have a high impact; and 
  • to encourage future research collaboration between academia and non-university partners.

Further details on the programme and on registration will be made available at, any queries can be directed at [email protected]
Panels will explore the nature of threats in the following areas:

  • Radicalisation in Africa
  • Preventing Terrorism: De-Radicalisation and Disengagement
  • Cyber-Terrorism
  • (Counter-)Terrorist Co-operation, Networking and Organisation
  • Measuring the Success of Prevent; Community-Based Approaches
  • Drone Warfare and Technology

Academic Participants:

Alex P. Schmid, Terrorism Research Initiative Clive Jones, University of Durham
Caroline Kennedy-Pipe, University of Hull   Paul Gill, UCL
Andrew Silke, University of East London Basia Spalek, University of Birmingham
Michael Boyle, La Salle University  Assaf Moghadam, IDC Herzliya
Francesco Cavatorta, Dublin City University Lee Jarvis, Swansea University
Tore Bjorgo, Norwegian Police University Tahrir-ul-Qadri, Nobel Prize Nominee
Brian M. Jenkins, Advisor to President of RAND  Tom Wuchte, Head of OSCE Anti-Terrorism Unit
Nick Rengger, University of St Andrews Adam Hug, Director of Foreign Policy Centre
Raphaello Pantucci, RUSI Senior Research Fellow  

Funded by the University of Leeds and the British International Studies Association

*TAPVA is part of the international network of scholars of the Terrorism Research Initiative (TRI). 

TRI’s mission is to enhance security through collaborative research 

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