Literature on Kidnapping for Ransom and for Political Concessions

Literature on Kidnapping for Ransom and for Political Concessions

Monographs, Edited Volumes, Non-conventional Literature and Prime Articles published since 1970

Compiled and selected by Eric Price

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Monographs and Book Chapters

Alix, E. K. (1978) Ransom kidnapping in America, 1874-1974: the creation of a capital crime Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press [*]

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Non-conventional Literature
Alani, M. (2004) Political Kidnapping; an Operational Methodology ETH Zürich []     

Altenburger, S. (2007) Successful political and military tactics of terrorist organizations [thesis] Villanova University [*]

Anon. (2013) Christians in Syria Being Targeted for Kidnapping by Islamic Extremists Assyrian International News Agency []

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Chaowsangrat, C. (2011) Violence and forced internal migrants with special reference to the metropolitan area of Bogotá, Colombia (1990-2002) [thesis] University College London []

Cohen, D.S. & Dormandy, X.  (2012) Kidnapping for Ransom: The Growing Terrorist Financing Challenge London: Chatham House []

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