TRI's Country Networks of PhD Theses Writers

TRI's Country Networks of PhD Theses Writers

The mission statement of the Terrorism Research Initiative (TRI) is Enhancing Security through Collaborative Research. TRI has been encouraging young scholars who are in the process of writing their PhD theses to link up and collaborate with fellow researchers in their own countries. As a result, post-graduate students have begun to interact for their own mutual benefit and for the greater good of the wider research community. Currently, the following networks exist:

The United Kingdom

Country coordinator: Gordon Clubb; E-mail: < [email protected] >.

The Netherlands and Flanders (Belgium)

Country coordinator: Daan Weggemans; E-mail:< [email protected] >.


Country coordinator: Position vacant as current TRI’s coordinator Yulia Netesova; E-mail:< [email protected] > is on maternity leave; nominations for a replacement are welcome.

The United States

Country coordinator: Neil Shortland; E-mail: < [email protected] >.


Country coordinator: Nick Deshpande; E-mail: < [email protected] >.

South Africa

Country coordinator: Petra Harvest; E-mail: < [email protected] >.


Country coordinator: Levi-Jay West; E-mail: < [email protected] >.


Country coordinator: Cato Hemmingby; E-mail: < [email protected] >.


Country coordinator: Miguel Peco; E-mail: <[email protected] >.

Should you be a post-graduate researcher from one of these countries and wish to join your national TRI network, you should contact the country coordinator directly. In all other cases, contact TRI’s Director, Alex P. Schmid (E-mail: <[email protected] >) who will then explore with you and other members of the wider national TRI network how best to set up a PhD theses writers network.

Notice for PhD Researchers

TRI’s flagship publication The Routledge Handbook of Terrorism Research, edited by Alex P. Schmid (London & New York: Routledge, 2011, 718 pp.) is now also available as paperback (ISBN 978-0-415-52099-7) and can be ordered at for £37.95 or US $54.95.

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