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The Editorial Team of Perspectives on Terrorism is pleased to present to the research community another issue of our free peer-reviewed online journal at www.terrorismanalysts.com.

We are committed to providing different perspectives on political terrorism and related phenomena since we do not believe that there is one truth only. Such absolutism is alien to social science while it is, unfortunately, still claimed by certain leaders of religions who, for reasons they know best, regard skepticism with suspicion. While in the West science, religion, church and state have gone separate ways for more than three hundred years, such a division has not yet taken place everywhere. Some political leaders in the West are reluctant to interfere in matters of religion, and this has given religious leaders - and others who claim that their sect or cult represent the only true faith - an unfair advantage which they exploit successfully. One result of this has been the push toward “political correctness” in matters where religion meets politics. The truth claims of religions and sects, and the reluctance of political leaders to challenge some of these, have produced results which are undermining efforts to counter terrorism more successfully. This is forcefully argued and meticulously documented in the first of four articles in this issue, the one written by Dr. Jeffrey Bale. It should best be read in conjunction with the last article on the Egyptian Islamic Group’s strong criticism of Al-Qaeda’s interpretation of Jihad in the religious tradition of Islam, written by Paul Kamolnick. All told, we offer the reader some 200 pages of ‘perspectives’ as well as resources. This issue has been prepared by the editor-in-chief in Europe while the last issue (PT VII, 6) this year will be prepared on the other side of the Atlantic by Professor James Forest, the co-editor of Perspectives on Terrorism.

Prof. em. Alex P. Schmid

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