News from TRI’s Network of National PhD Thesis Writers: Spain

News from TRI’s Network of National PhD Thesis Writers: Spain

Since our last update on the activities of TRI country networks of PhD theses writers, a new network has come into existence in Spain. Its coordinator is Miguel Peco who has already completed his own PhD dissertation in 2011. He sent us this report:

The TRI-Sp.Net project was launched in September 2013. It takes on the format of networking group that is broader than PhD thesis writers alone. The intent is to link up Spanish-speaking students, scholars, and professional CT and armed conflict specialists in a parent group, TRI-Sp.Net, at: In addition, we also wish to enable interactions with other national TRI networks or unaffiliated individuals in the newly created subgroup TRI-Sp.Net/Outreach, at:

An initial list of TRI-Sp.Net members willing to share information about their theses is available below. For more information, please contact the coordinator, Dr. M. Peco, at [email protected].

Initial List of Spanish PhD Theses on Terrorism, Political Violence, Armed Conflict and Related Issues

Antonio Marín Ortega
Un análisis de operaciones de estabilización basado en el modelo de ecuaciones. estructurales (A Structural Equation Model Analysis of Stabilization Operations).
Lisbon: ISCT-IUL. [Expected] Date of completion: 2015.

Mario Toboso Buezo
El lobo solitario como elemento emergente y evolución táctica del terrorismo yihadista (Lone-Wolf Terrorists as Emergent Elements, and Tactical Evolution of Jihadist Terrorism).
Instituto Universitario General Gutiérrez Mellado (UNED), Madrid .[Expected] Date of completion: 2013.

Claudio Paya Santos
El analista de inteligencia y el proceso de toma de decisiones (The Role of the Intelligence Analyst in the Decision-Making Process).
Rome and Barcelona: Universidad Luiss Guido Carli (IT) and Universidad Internacional de Cataluña (SP). [Expected] Date of completion: June, 2014.

Miguel Peco Yeste
Análisis funcional de los movimientos radicales en el ejercicio de la violencia política (A Functional Analysis of Radical Movements Engaged in Political Violence). Madrid: Instituto Universitario General Gutiérrez Mellado (UNED). Date of completion: June, 2011.

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