V. News from TRI’s Country Networks of PhD Thesis Writers

News from TRI’s Country Networks of PhD Thesis Writers


It has been six months since TRI-Sp.Net was created. In half a year, the site has become a welcome contact point for Spanish PhD students as well as accomplished scholars, CT professionals and armed conflict specialists, including members from the public, private and not-for-profit sector.  The platform of the group already counts more than fifty members and can be found at < http://www.linkedin.com/groups/TRISpNet-5142965/about > .

TRI-Sp.Net has even been able to attract a number of participants from other countries than the Spanish-speaking ones - which has enriched the discussions. This is fully in line with the mission of the Terrorism Research Initiative  (TRI), namely enhancing security through collaborative research.
Below is a short list of PhD theses currently in the process of being written or recently completed. For more information, please contact the Spanish country coordinator, Dr. M. Peco, at < [email protected] >  and visit < http://www.terrorismanalysts.com/pt/index.php/pot/pages/view/phdresearchnetwork > . 

Carlos Setas Vílchez
La Frontera Noroeste de Pakistán, 2001-2011. El fenómeno terrorista en las áreas tribales y sus implicaciones para la seguridad de Pakistán y la estabilidad regional (Pakistan’s Northwest Frontier, 2001-2011: Terrorism in the Tribal Areas and its Implications for Pakistan’s Security and Regional Stability). Madrid: Instituto Universitario General Gutiérrez Mellado (UNED). Date of completion: December 2013.

Mario Toboso Buezo
El lobo solitario como elemento emergente y evolución táctica del terrorismo yihadista (Lone Wolf Terrorists as Emergent Element and the Tactical Evolution of Jihadist Terrorism). Madrid: Instituto Universitario General Gutiérrez Mellado (UNED). Date of completion: December, 2013.

Ana Celia Tarazona Tornero
Modelling with Uncertainty the Ideological Evolution of a Society with Extreme Groups. Valencia: Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. Date of completion: February, 2014.

Claudio Paya Santos
El analista de inteligencia y el proceso de toma de decisiones (The Role of the Intelligence Analyst in the Decision-Making Process). Rome and Barcelona: Universidad Luiss Guido Carli (IT) and Universidad Internacional de Cataluña (SP). Expected date of completion: June 2014.

Ana Belén Perianes 
Working title: The Global War on Terror [Final title yet to be determined]. Madrid: Instituto Universitario General Gutiérrez Mellado (UNED). Expected date of completion: 2014. 

Antonio Marín Ortega
Un análisis de operaciones de estabilización basado en el modelo de ecuaciones. estructurales (A Structural Equation Model Analysis of Stabilisation Operations).
Lisbon: ISCT-IUL. Expected date of completion: 2016.

A new TRI country network is in the process of being established in Brazil. Those interested in participation should contact Dr. Jorge Lasmar (Head of Department of International Relations, PUC Minas) at < [email protected] > .

National Networks of PhD Thesis Writers
The Terrorism Research Initiative (TRI) has established a number of national and (sub-) regional networks of PhD thesis writers. These are partly run by the PhD students themselves with the help of country-based, TRI-affiliated researchers have already completed a doctorate. Admission is open to all bona fide academic and professional researchers of post-graduate level working on (counter-) terrorism, political violence and armed conflict.
So far ten networks have come into existence:

Should you be a post-graduate researcher from any of these countries and wishing to join your national/ (sub-)regional TRI network, you should contact the country coordinator directly. In all other cases, contact TRI Director, Prof. em. Alex P. Schmid who will then explore with you and other members of the TRI network in your country how best to set up a national network.
The benefits of being a member of a national TRI networks include but are not limited to:

  • Enhanced awareness as to who is working on which topic at other universities, think tanks and foundations;
  • Bi- and multi-lateral exchange of information between members of the network;
  • Opportunity to engage in collaborative projects;
  • Organisation of workshops, seminars and conferences;
  • Developing joint grant proposals;
  • Providing collegial support to each other in the research- and writing-phase of the thesis preparation;
  • Advice from TRI’s national and international network of subject matter experts.

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