News from the National and Regional Networks of PhD Thesis Writers  

News from the National and Regional Networks of Ph.D Thesis Writers  

Two new local networks of the Terrorism Research Initiative (TRI) have come into existence:

Pakistan: Country Coordinator: Muhammad Feyyaz (< [email protected] >)

Nigeria:     Country Coordinator: Adeboye Wale (< [email protected] >)

Post-graduate students in/from Nigeria and Pakistan working on a Ph.D. thesis on terrorism, counter-terrorism, political violence and armed conflict are invited to contact the country coordinators of TRI.

TRI now has a dozen national networks of Ph.D. theses writers. Those completing their doctoral dissertation in 2014 are invited to submit their thesis for the competition "Best Ph.D. Thesis on Terrorism and Counterterrorism 2014". The deadline for the submission of a Ph.D. thesis is 31 March 2015. The winner of the TRI Thesis Award will receive a prize of US $ 1,000. 

Submissions should be sent, together with a cover letter explaining the merits of the thesis, to the chairman of the jury, Prof. em. Alex P. Schmid  (< [email protected] >). Participation is open to authors of doctoral dissertations submitted or defended in 2014 at any recognised academic institution - not just those from the twelve countries currently in a TRI national network. The theses have to be written in English or have to be translated into English.

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