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We are pleased to announce the release of Volume VIII, Issue 5 (October 2014) of Perspectives on Terrorism at www.terrorismanalysts.com. Our free online journal is a joint publication of the Terrorism Research Initiative (TRI), headquartered in Vienna (Austria), and the Center for Terrorism and Security Studies (CTSS), headquartered at the Lowell campus of the University of Massachusetts (United States).

Now in its eighth year, Perspectives on Terrorism has almost 4,500 regular subscribers and many more occasional readers and visitors worldwide. The Articles of its six annual issues are fully peer-reviewed by external referees while its Research Notes and other content are subject to internal editorial review.

In this issue, you can find Daniel Koehler’s overview of more than 50 years of right-wing extremism in the German Federal Republic, based on a new database. Two articles deal with media and (counter-) terrorism while the opening article by Assaf Moghadam and his colleagues looks at terrorist organisations’ use of violence other than terrorism. A Research Note by Jeanine de Roy van Zuijdewijn from the Netherlands questions some of the assumptions made about ‘foreign fighters’ returning to Europe. The Op-Ed by Philipp Holtmann focuses on the IS-Caliphate and what could be done about it. As usual, old and new publications are featured in the review and bibliographic sections.

This issue was prepared in the European offices of the Terrorism Research Initiative (TRI) while the last issue of 2014 will be prepared by the co-editor of Perspectives on Terrorism, Prof. James Forest, on the other side of the Atlantic.


Prof. em. Alex P. Schmid


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