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We are pleased to announce the publication of the October 2015 issue (PT IX 5) of Perspectives on Terrorism at: < www.terrorismanalysts.com >. Now approaching its 10th year of publication, our journal has 5,600 e-mail subscribers and many more website visitors (287,483 in 2014), making it probably the most widely read journal in the field of terrorism- and counter-terrorism studies. Our open access journal is a joint publication of the Terrorism Research Initiative (TRI), headquartered in Vienna (Austria), and the Center for Terrorism and Security Studies (CTSS), at the Lowell Campus of the University of Massachusetts (United States). Six issues of the journal are published annually.

The Articles in each issue are fully peer-reviewed by external referees, while its Policy Briefs and other content are subject to internal editorial quality control. The current issue opens with a contribution summarising some of the findings of the award-winning dissertation of Dr. Anneli Botha (South Africa). The reader will find a report of the jury listing also all other theses submitted for the annual TRI Award for the ‘Best Doctoral Thesis on Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism’ (2014) as well as a brief description of the short-listed three finalists theses at the end of this issue.

Our second article, written by Paul J. Carnegie, explores how Indonesia, the largest Muslim country in the world, has been dealing with terrorism, using a mixed carrot-and-stick approach. The third article, from the hands of Brenda Lutz and James Lutz, is more quantitative in nature; it analyses how globalization and terrorism are linked in the Middle East, both in the years before and after 9/11. As so often, the picture is more complex than expected.

This issue features two Research Notes. The first, by Marion van San, is based on ethnographic research, looking very closely at a small sample of young men and women from Belgium and the Netherlands who decided to become foreign fighters or jihadist brides in Syria. It turns out that the push factors are in most cases stronger than the pull factors. The second contribution, from Donald Holbrook, proposes a new methodology to measure extremism in media content, something very useful when deciding where to draw a line between licit freedom of expression and illicit incitement to terrorism.

PT IX 5 also provides the reader with a timely Policy Brief about the future of Afghanistan and the peace process; the author is Kambaiz Rafi, a citizen of Afghanistan. His text is followed by the Book Reviews section, with contributions from our regular Book Review Editor, Joshua Sinai, and from Anita Peresin. In the bibliography section, Judith Tinnes – like Joshua Sinai a member of our Editorial Team – provides us with another extensive literature review, this time on Muslims and the West.

While the present issue of Perspectives on Terrorism was assembled in Vienna by the Editor-in-Chief, the December issue will be prepared in the U.S. by Prof. James Forest, co-editor of PT and interim director of the CTSS.


Alex Schmid

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