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Foreword to Special Issue

Colleagues and Friends:

It is our pleasure to introduce "Under-Investigated Topics in Terrorism Research" - a special issue of Perspectives on Terrorism.

This issue is the first in a series designed to further the discourse surrounding the state of terrorism research. To open this series, it seemed appropriate to explore a set of topics that have been identified by esteemed participants in the Terrorism Research Initiative as in need of specific consideration for future debate and study.

It is imperative that we review and revisit the basis of our current conclusions through analysis of the underlying principles that govern our past and present beliefs. This issue seeks to draw attention to specific topics of concern as well as to the need to reevaluate commonly held beliefs and attitudes present in today's environment.

Each manuscript published in this issue examines a unique and burgeoning topic in the field of terrorism studies. From local to global, the impact of our understanding of these under-investigated topics cannot be underestimated. We must put our efforts into comprehending each component of these pressing issues to instill rigor and vitality into our research and the policies that may reflect our findings.

We are excited to feature these authors and articles in this special issue and hope that you find value therein. Thank you for your support, and enjoy the publication.


The Perspectives on Terrorism Staff


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