A Word of Appreciation for Our External Peer Reviewers

from the Editorial Team

Perspectives on Terrorism is the product of volunteer efforts – academics, professionals and practitioners – who for nine consecutive years have been giving their time and providing their expertise to keep this free online journal alive and even increasing in circulation to more than 5,800 subscriptions. While the main burden of producing six issues per year rests on the shoulders of the Editorial Team and those of the Editorial Board members, there are many others who assist us in bringing out timely articles and research notes.

The seven Editorial Team members and the twenty Editorial Board members alone would not be able to handle and review the growing number of articles that reach us now on an almost daily basis. We could not deal with this volume of submissions without the selfless help of our esteemed external reviewers. Once a year we wish to thank them publicly by listing their names.

For reviewing article submitted to Perspectives on Terrorism in 2015, we wish to thank the individuals listed in the following table.

THANK YOU to our Peer Reviewers for Perspectives on Terrorism, 2015

Wale Adeboye

Sajjan Gohel

Petter Nesser

Ehsan Ahrari

Muhammad Feyyaz

Brian Nussbaum

Omar Ashour

William Hansen

Allan Orr

Max Boon

Thomas Hegghammer

Anita Peresin

Frank Bovenkerk

Donald Holbrook

Nico Prucha

Michael Boyle

Jack Jarmon

Gilbert Ramsay

Tina Christensen

Paul Joosse

Don Rassler

David Cheney

Paul Kamolnick

Ineke Roex

Christina Cliff

Brynjar Lia

Jeanine de Roy van Zuijdewijn

Orville Shawn Cupp

Michael Loadenthal

Bart Schuurman

Joel Day

Miroslav Mares

Mubin Sheikh

Leah Farrall

Sarah Marsden

Haldun Yalcinkaya

Heather Gregg

Jonathan Matusitz

Ahmet S. Yayla

Aaron Hoffman

Assaf Moghadam


We also wish to thank our regular members of the Editorial Board. They were approached most often and asked again and again to give us their professional assessment regarding the quality of the submissions reaching our journal.

Thank you all for making Perspectives on Terrorism a success!

Alex P. Schmid & James J.F. Forest (Editors)

Robert Wesley (Founding Editor)

Joseph J. Easson (Associate Editor for IT)

Joshua Sinai (Book Reviews Editor)

Jared Dmello (Editorial Assistant)

Eric Price (Editorial Assistant)

Judith Tinnes (Editorial Assistant)

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