Counting Lives Lost – Monitoring Camera-Recorded Extrajudicial Executions by the “Islamic State”

Judith Tinnes


The “Islamic State” (IS / ISIS / ISIL / Daesh)’s visually documented executions, particularly those involving Western victims, have been receiving tremendous attention by international mass media. Yet, much of the Western reporting focuses on the barbaric nature of the displayed violence (neglecting other important aspects of the propaganda technique) and disproportionately covers executions of Western victims, while similar killings of local people are under-reported. No regular monitoring of camera-registered extrajudicial executions covering all locations of the group's geographically scattered provincial system is available to date. Aiming to fill this gap, the author initiated a census project based on continuous monitoring of IS execution visuals.

The author plans to regularly update the census in the period ahead. Please note that updates are not limited to new incidents but may also affect past records, if previously unknown information on execution incidents arises. A Twitter account @CountingLivesPT has been set up in order to notify readers about updates and for providing additional information on the subject (e.g., links to secondary literature).

To access the census, download and unzip the DATA file provided below.

For a project description (including methods), access the text file (HTML or PDF) provided below.




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