Words of Appreciation from the Editors

Perspectives on Terrorism is entirely the product of volunteers – academics, professionals and practitioners who for ten consecutive years have been giving their time and providing their expertise to keep this free and independent online journal alive and increasing in circulation to nearly 7,000 subscriptions today.

While the main burden of producing six issues per year rests on the shoulders of the Editorial Team and those of the Editorial Board members, who do most of the reviewing, there are many others who assist us in producing timely Articles and Research Notes six times a year. The seven members of the Editorial Team and the twenty Editorial Board members alone would not be able to handle and review the growing number of articles that reach us now on an almost daily basis. We could not cope without the selfless help of our esteemed external reviewers who read and critique the articles that reach us.

Once a year we wish to thank these anonymous reviewers publicly by listing their names. For reviewing article submitted to Perspectives on Terrorism in 2016, we sincerely thank the more than 50 individuals listed here:

Max Abrahms

Tricia Bacon

Marcus Binder

Sergei Boeke

Frank Bovenkerk

Aurelie Campana

Christina Cliff

Rik Coolsaet

Shawn Cupp

Cori Dauber

Joel Day

Benjamin Ducol

Bob de Graaff

Jeanine de Roy van Zuijdewijn

Martin Furmanski

William Hansen

Liesbeth van der Heide

Aaron Hoffman

Philip Holtmann

Seamus Hughes

Haroro Ingram

Ely Karmon

Reid Kirby

Charles Kirchofer

Scott Kleinmann

Daniel Koehler

Michael Kowalski

Seran Leede

Marco Lombardi

David Malet

Sarah Marsden

Cas Mudde

Petter Nesser

Fred Newell

Brian Nussbaum

Elizabeth Pearson

Anita Peresin

Donald Petersson

Tom Quiggin

Kumar Ramakrishna

Anthony Richards

Arlinda Rrustemi

Mubin Shaikh

Thomas Schiller

Bart Schuurman

Daniel Silk

Hussein Solomon

Max Taylor

Daan Weggemans

Anton Weenink

James Wirtz

Aaron Zelin


THANK YOU, Peer Reviewers for Perspectives on Terrorism (2016)!

We also wish to thank our not so anonymous regular members of the Editorial Board:

Shazad Ali,

Joost Augusteijn,

Jeff Bale,

Michael Boyle

Jarret Brachman

Richard Chasdi

‘Chip’ Ellis

Leah Farall

Paul Gill

Jennifer Giroux

M.J. Gohel,

Beatrice de Graaf

Thomas Hegghammer

Bradley McAllister

John Morrison

Assaf Moghadam

Sam Mullins

Brian Phillips

Thomas Riegler

Simon Shen

Anne Speckhard


These members of the Editorial Board were approached most often and asked again and again to give us their professional assessment on the quality of submissions reaching our journal. Many authors submitting manuscripts have benefitted from their constructive criticism.

A Big “Thank you” to Our Crowd-Funders

We also wish to thank all those who answered our 2016 crowd-funding appeal for financial support of Perspectives on Terrorism. There were altogether 35 donations made, ranging from US $10 to US $200 – all of which are significantly helpful for defraying the costs of publishing our journal. While 11 donations were made anonymously, 24 were made by identifiable donors–(family) members, friends and well-wishers of the Editorial Team of Perspectives on Terrorism, including authors who have contributed articles to our journal in the past. We would like to thank here all those whose names are known: 

Andrea Ammendola

Cecilia Anastos

Niels Brinch

Teresa Cabrita

Edwin Covert

Lona Dahlstrom

John Donahue

Bernard Finifter

James Forest

Timothy Holman

Clark Judkins

Paul Kamolnick

Milton Leitenberg

Jean-François Mayer

Karin Osborne

David Page

Rick Ramsey

Moyara Ruelsen

Matthew Sweeney

Bart Schuurman

Susan Wesley

Christopher Wright

Andreas Zammit

Daniel Zirker


The kindness of 11 anonymous strangers is also recognised here; donating to the journal without expecting to be appreciated by name is a high form of altruism.

To both the known and the unknown donors we say: Thank you! You belong to that very special group of readers of Perspectives on Terrorism who realise that a free and independent scholarly journal can only exist when a few are willing to sacrifice either time or money or both so that the many can enjoy that freedom and independence. If others should be interested in contributing, the crowd-funding site remains open at: https://www.gofundme.com/perspectivestri

And “Thank You” to Departing Members of the Editorial Team

Last but not least we wish to thank Eric Price and Joseph Easson who, after more than seven years of faithful services, have left our journal.

Eric Price was a professional information specialist at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) when Alex Schmid first met him during his period as Officer-in-Charge of the UN Terrorism Prevention Branch in Vienna (UNODC/TPB). After retirement, Eric continued to provide a wealth of information to Alex and he became his Editorial Assistant, contributing more than forty in-depth bibliographies to Perspectives on Terrorism. Eric Price retired for health reasons and we wish him the very best for the future.

Joseph Easson was hired as Data Manager for the Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence (CSTPV, University of St. Andrews, Scotland) when Alex Schmid became its director in 2006. A scholar of classic languages by training, Joseph holds also a degree in computer sciences. From 2009 onwards, he took charge of the IT tasks associated with our electronic online journal. He not only transformed our Word Files, Tables and Graphs into beautiful journal pages but also kept track of our subscribers and contributors. Only when he began to passed on his skills to his successor, did we fully realize just how big his workload had been during all these years. Joseph leaves us for happy personal reasons.

We owe both of them, Eric and Joseph, a big ‘THANK YOU’ for services so freely and fully rendered over so many years.

Finally, from Alex P. Schmid & James J.F. Forest (Editors) and the other members of the Editorial Team—Joshua Sinai, Judith Tinnes, Jennifer Dowling, Jared Dmello and Jodi Pomeroy—a sincere thank you all for keeping Perspectives on Terrorism as a free and independent journal alive and well!

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