Online Resources for the Analysis of Terrorism and Related Subjects

Compiled and Selected by Berto Jongman

Introductory Note by the Editor

The amount of new publications, reports, policy papers, lectures, presentations, videos and briefings in the field of terrorism and counter-terrorism can be overwhelming for the untrained researcher as well as for young counter-terrorist professionals. In the following, a selection of recent open-source online publications, grouped into a dozen categories, has been made by a seasoned former intelligence analyst. An attempt has been made to select items from a variety of sources and positions, presenting different perspectives. Selection not necessarily means endorsement for certain positions or specific lines of argumentation. In addition, an attempt has been made to include also a number of non-terrorist items from the broader spectrum of political violence and armed conflicts.

All the items included here surfaced online in the period mid-January to beginning of April 2017. ‘Perspectives on Terrorism’ plans to offer its readers regular updates in future issues of our journal, categorised in the same format:

  1. Non-Religious Terrorism: Actors, Groups, Incidents and Campaigns
  2. Religious (mainly Jihadi) Terrorism: Actors, Groups, Incidents and Campaigns
  3. Terrorist Strategies and Tactics
  4. Conflict, Crime and Political Violence other than Terrorism
  5. Counter-Terrorism – General
  6. Counter-Terrorist Strategies, Tactics and Operations
  7. State Repression and Civil War at Home and Clandestine & Open Warfare Abroad
  8. Prevention and Preparedness Studies (including Countering Violent Extremism, De-Radicalization, Counter-Narratives)
  9. Intelligence
  10. Cyber Operations
  11. Risk & Threat Assessments, Forecasts, Analytical Studies
  12. Also Worth Reading

1. Non-Religious Terrorism: Actors, Groups, Incidents and Campaigns

Anarchists fighting in Rojava announce new formation. It’s going down, March 31, 2017. URL:

K. McVeigh. Seven dead in worst attack on aid workers since South Sudan war began. The Guardian, March 27, 2017. URL:

Congolese militia decapitates more than 40 policemen as violence grows. Associated Press, March 26, 2017. URL:

J. Tanza. New South Sudan rebel group gains supporters. VOA, March 17, 2017. URL:

Philippines and communist rebels agree to resume peace talks. Deutsche Welle, March 12, 2017. URL:

K. Johnson. A wary farewell to arms for FARC. International Crisis Group (ICG), March 9, 2017. URL:

In pursuit of lasting peace PRRD open to peace negotiations with CPP-NPA-NDF. Reliefweb, March 5, 2017. URL:

E. Goddard. What drives a person to become an anti-abortion activist? The Independent, March 1, 2017. URL:

2. Religious (mainly Jihadi) Terrorism: Actors, Groups, Incidents and Campaigns

Burkina’ Faso’s new war against militant Islamists. BBC, April 4, 2017. URL:

Les jihadistes du GSI déstabilisent le centre du Mali. Mali Web, April 3, 2017. URL:

V. Woollaston. Global reign of terror: map plots every terrorist attack and death in real-time. WIRED, April 3, 2017. URL:

Counter Extremism Project. Extremist converts. Part I: US & Canada extremist converts. Part II: Europe and Australian extremist converts. March 2017, 44p. URL:

S. Mekhennet, J. Warrick. US increasingly sees Iran’s hand in the arming of Bahraini militants. Washington Post, April 1, 2017. URL:

R. Fisk. Revealed: how ISIS turns normal towns and villages into theatres and factories of death. The Independent, March 31, 2017. URL:

P. Hasson. Growing Islamic extremism in Latin America poses ‘major security threat’ to US. The Daily Caller, March 30, 2017. URL:

B. Roggio. Afghan Taliban lists ‘percent of country under the control of the mujahideen.’ Long War Journal, March 28, 2017. URL:

Thousands of Muslim Chinese ‘fighting with militants in Syria.’ The New Arab, March 28, 2017. URL:

S. Varandani. ISIS vows war against Iran: Islamic State group threatens Ayatollah Ali Khamenei for tolerating Jews. IB Times, March 28, 2017. URL:

K. Kovacs. ISIS money: Islamic State is strapped for cash, can’t pay fighters. IB Times, March 28, 2017. URL:

B. Wright. Terrorism in Africa: al-Shabab under attack in Somalia amid killing claims. IB Times, March 27, 2017. URL:

J. Siegle. ISIS in Africa: implications from Syria and Iraq. Center for Security Studies, March 28, 2017. URL:

E. Blanche. Al-Qaida, on the rise again, hits Assad where it hurts. UPI, March 27, 2017. URL:

Mashaal says Israel ‘changed the rules’ of the game in Gaza killing. Times of Israel, March 27, 2017. URL:

J. Bowen. Freed from IS tyranny, Mosul Sunnis fear for the future. BBC, March 25, 2017. URL:

Russian soldiers killed in ‘Islamic State’- claimed attack in Chechnya. Deutsche Welle, March 25, 2017. URL:

AQAP spokesperson Anwar al-Awlaki persists online even as new AQAP threat to commercial airliners emerges., March 24, 2017. URL:

P. Engel. ISIS and al Qaeda have specifically called for the type of attack that just happened in London. Business Insider, March 22, 2017. URL:

C. Lister. How al Qaeda exploited the Syrian civil war. The Cipher Brief, March 23, 2017. URL:

C. Clarke. Al Qaeda in Syria can change its name, but not its stripes. The Cipher Brief, March 23, 2017. URL:

B. Seftel. Al Qaeda takes advantage in Syria. The Cipher Brief, March 23, 2017. URL:

Somalia food crisis: has al-Shabab adopted a new approach to food aid? BBC, March 22, 2017. URL:

G. Shiloach. ISIS supporters are tracking Americans in Ramadi. Vocativ, March 22, 2017. URL:

T. O’Connor. Where will ISIS go next? Islamic State group militants, fleeing Iraq and Syria, may move to Libya. Newsweek, March 22, 2017. URL:

Israel: Hezbollah commander Mustafa Badreddine ‘killed by own men.’ BBC, March 21, 2017. URL:

E. Karasin. Assassination of top Hezbollah military commander in Syria was an inside job ‘ordered by his superiors in Iran,’ declares Israel. Mail Online, March 22, 2017. URL:

Ø. Strømmen. New report: AQAP functions as a death squad for hire. Hate Speech International, March 21, 2017. URL:

K. Sengupta. Inside the ‘Blackwater of jihad’: the private security company training extremists in Syria. The Independent, March 14, 2017. URL:

T. O’Connor. Al-Qaeda calls on Muslims to take revenge for US airstrike against Syrian mosque. URL:

T. O’Connor. ISIS threatens India Taj Mahal as bombs explode across city. Newsweek, March 20, 2017. URL:

T. Joscelyn. Leader of al-Qa’ida’s joint venture in Syria promises to escalate operations. Long War Journal, March 19, 2017. URL:

S. Coughlan. Don’t forget us, says Chibok schoolgirl as third year of captivity approaches. BBC, March 18, 2017. URL:

ISIS organizing bloody Mosul withdrawal, preparing for the next fight. Associated Press, March 14, 2017. URL:

A. Roul. Myanmar’s Muslim insurgency gaining prominence with jihadist groups. Terrorism Monitor, 15(5), March 10, 2017. URL:

B. Bafana. Former Boko haram abductees speak out. Global Issues, IPS, March 18, 2017. URL:

C. Weiss. Merger of al-Qa’ida groups threatens security in West Africa. The Long War Journal, March 18, 2017. URL:’s+Long+War+Journal+(Site-Wide))

B. Bower. News studies explore why ordinary people turn terrorist. Science News, June 23, 2016. URL:

J. Hitchen. How do we talk about rebel groups?, March 2, 2017. URL:

Boko Haram’s Shekau reappears, criticizes Cameroon ‘lies’. AFP, March 17, 2017. URL:

Pro-Islamic State group warns of attacks in India, targets Taj Mahal: counter-terrorism group. Firstpost, May 17, 2017. URL:

C. Lister. Al-Qa’ida is starting to swallow the Syrian opposition. Foreign Policy, March15, 2017. URL:

Al-Qaeda using US preoccupation with ISIS to spread to India. Europe, February 16, 2017. URL:

Hezbollah a real threat to the USA. Europe, March 13, 2017. URL:

W. Kemboi. Gang claiming allegiance to Boko Haram emerges in Mombasa. Baraka FM, March 10, 2017. URL:

I. Opelaar. Central Asia and Islamic State: the Russia connection. The Diplomat, March 8, 2017. URL:

M. Horton. Al-Shabaab: why Somalia’s al-Qaeda’s affiliate wants Puntland. Terrorism Monitor, 15(5), March 10, 2017. URL:

TSG IntelBrief: The unique threat of the Islamic State in Afghanistan. The Soufan Group, March 9, 2017. URL:

A. Zammit. Australian jihadism in the age of the Islamic State. CTC Sentinel, 10(3), 2017. URL:

S. Hughes, A. Meleagrou-Hitchens. The virtual entrepreneurs of the Islamic State. How the group’s virtual planners threaten the United States. CTC Sentinel, 10(3), 2017. URL:

Prospects for ending civil war in Libya. Atlantic Council, YouTube, March 9, 2017. URL:

J. Lenarz. Paradise lost: how the Maldives sold its land to Saudi Arabia and turned a blind eye to ISIS. IB Times, March 7, 2017. URL:

P. Astih. ‘Ain el-Hilweh’…time bomb threatening Lebanon. Asharq al-Awsat, March 6, 2017. URL:

Haid Haid. The core reason for the JFS fight against Syrian rebels is competition over resources. Atlantic Council, March 7, 2017.URL:

Yemen’s al-Qa’ida leader: US refused to trade ‘blind sheikh’ for hostage. Middle East Monitor, March 6, 2017. URL:

U. Botobekov. Al-Qa’ida and Islamic State take aim at China. Why have both groups turned their attention to Beijing? The Diplomat, March 8, 2017. URL:

M. al-Amin. Women and girls pushed towards extremism in Nigeria. Deutsche Welle, March 7, 2017. URL:

C.P. Clarke, A. Amarasingam. What will ISIS do after Mosul falls. Defense One, March 7, 2017. URL:

J. Mitchell. Evaluating likelihoods for Libya – scenario 2 methodology. The Red (Team) Analysis Society, March 6, 2017. URL:

Boko Haram. Terror unmasked. VOA, February 2017. URL:

A. Levin. Terror threat to US airports said to grow as al-Qa’ida rebounds. Bloomberg, March 2, 2017. URL:

The resurgence of Boko Haram attacks. This Day, March 5, 2017. URL:

C. Winter, C.P. Clarke. Is ISIS breaking apart? What it’s media operations suggest. Foreign Affairs, January 31, 2017. URL:

M. Saifullah. Why is northern Afghanistan increasingly unstable? Deutsche Welle, March 1, 2017. URL:

C. Mwakideu. WFP shocked by ‘destruction’ in north east Nigeria. Deutsche Welle, March 3, 2017. URL:

C. Timberg. How alleged ISIS videos are creating a headache for WordPress. Washington Post, March 1, 2017. URL:

A. Natan. ISIS ‘regrouping in southern Libya with support of al-Qa’ida and preparing for further attacks.’ The Telegraph, March 1, 2017. URL:

D. Burke. ISIS boot camp: Iraqi army discover jihadi training base hidden 32 foot underground where foreign fighters were prepared for war. Mail Online, March 1, 2017. URL:

ISIS’s ‘industrialized’ martyrdom resembles Japan’s use of kamikaze pilots: report. Homeland Security News Wire, March 1, 2017. URL:

L. Dearden. ISIS carrying out more suicide bombings than ever before as it fights to defend strongholds in Iraq and Syria. The Independent, March 1, 2017. URL:

S. Osborne. ISIS threatens China and vows to ‘shed blood like rivers.’ The Independent, March 1, 2017. URL:

Egypt’s Sisi vows to help Coptic Christians fleeing Sinai. Deutsche Welle, March 1, 2017. URL:

3. Terrorists Strategies and Tactics

E. Perez, J. Enda, B. Starr. New terrorist laptop bombs may evade airport security, intel sources say. CNN, April 1, 2017. URL:

ISIS bomb-makers create laptop bombs to fool airport security checks. Sunday Express, April 1, 2017. URL:

J. Burke. The myth of the ‘lone wolf’ terrorist. In recent years, reference to such attacks have become inescapable. But this lay term obscures the real nature of the threat against bus. The Guardian, March 30, 2017. URL:

A. Ahronheim. Report: Hamas develops new ‘high-powered’ rocket akin to Hezbollah projectiles. Jerusalem Post, March 28, 2017. URL:

D. Gartenstein-Ross. Lone wolves no more. The decline of a myth. Foreign Affairs, March 27, 2017. URL:

GICHD presents ‘Characterization of explosive weapons.’ ARES, The Hoplite, February 16, 2017. Final report. URL:

R. Dubin. Unseen consequences of sanctions on Syria’s armed groups. Syria Deeply, March 24, 2017. URL:

B. Johnson. In desperate play for Muslim flocks, ISIS goes after the shepherds. Observer, March 15, 2017. URL:

S. Dredge. Why political rebels love Whatsapp. The Guardian, March 5, 2017. URL:

E. MacAskill. Laptop ban on planes came after plot to put explosives in iPad. The Guardian, March 26, 2017. URL:

J. Cassara. Minimizing abuse of hawalas. The Cipher Brief, March 16, 2017. URL:

C. Realuyo. US efforts to combat illicit financial networks. The Cipher Brief, March 16, 2017. URL:

B. Seftel. Hawala networks: the paperless trail of terrorist transactions. The Cipher Brief, March 16, 2017. URL:

J. Winter. US raid on Al Qaeda in Yemen led to laptop ban on flights, officials say. The Daily Beast, March 22, 2017. URL:

J. Robinson. Child ‘suicide bomber’, dressed in full ‘Harcard’ Chelsea football kit is caught by Iraqi troops who disarm him after finding explosives strapped to his chest. Mail Online, March 22, 2017. URL:

Y. J. Bob. Will ISIS use chemical weapons against Israel or Israelis in Europe? Jerusalem Post, March 12, 2017. URL:

Extremists make money off taxpayer funded YouTube ads. RT, March 17, 2017. URL:

T. Jocelyn. Islamic State uses improvised weapons of war in Mosul, Iraq. The Long War Journal, March 18, 2017. URL:

B. Gertz. Iran behind Yemeni rebels’ explosive boats. The Washington Times, March 15, 2017. URL:

IS ‘chaining children, disabled’ into car bombs in Mosul. The New Arab, February 24, 2017. URL:

Iran sets up underground rocket factories in Lebanon. Europe, March 15, 2017. URL:

B. Seftel. Hawala networks: the paperless trail of terrorist transactions. The Cipher Brief, March 16, 2017. URL:

M.C. DuPée. The Taliban Stones Commission and the insurgent windfall from illegal mining. CTC Sentinel, 103), 2017. URL:

The history and adaptability of the Islamic State car bomb. Zaytunarjuwani blog, April 26, 2016. URL:

A.N. Spencer. The hidden face of terrorism: an analysis of the women in Islamic State. Journal of Strategic Security, 9(3), Fall 2016, pp. 74-98. URL:

Game of ‘drones’: the use of UAV’s by militant groups in Iraq and Syria. HIS Markit, March 6, 2017. URL:

IS using suicide attacks on ‘industrial scale.’ BBC, February 28, 2017. URL:

N. Waters. Iraqi federal police using weaponised drones. Bellingcat, March 2, 2017. URL:

S. Boe. Kidnapping and the private sector. Security Management, March 1, 2017. URL:

A. Frohwein. The evolving chemical/biological terrorism threat. Domestic Preparedness, March 1, 2017. URL:

M. Abrams, J. Conrad. The strategic logic of credit claiming: a new theory of anonymous terrorist attacks. Security Studies, 26(2), 20017, pp. 279-304. URL:

L. Dearden. ISIS rigs mass grave with landmines to kill journalists and war crimes investigators. The Independent, March 1, 2017. URL:

R. Callimachi. Not ‘lone wolves’ after all: how ISIS guides world’s terror plots from afar. The New York Times, February 2, 2017. URL:

4. Conflict, Crime and Political Violence other than Terrorism

M. E. Kindzeka. Secessionist groups blamed for Cameroon arson attacks. Voice of America, April 3, 2017. URL:

S. Stanford. Is America being turned into a war zone? The month of April is full of possible ‘flashpoints’ in California. ANP, April 1, 2017. URL:

R. Jadhav, M. Bhardwaj. BJP’s crackdown on abattoirs spreads, stoking Muslim unease. Reuters, March 31, 2017. URL:

M. Gidda. The US is in the grip of a heroin epidemic – and white men are most vulnerable. Newsweek, March 30, 2017. URL:

O. Cichowlas. Corruption protests in videos. The Moscow Times, March 27, 2017. URL:

S. al-Khalidi, A. Sawafta. Arab leaders seek common ground at summit on Palestinian state. Reuters, March 28, 2017. URL:

Belarus KGB detains suspects as state pushes ‘armed provocateurs’ claim. RFE/RL, March 23, 2017. URL:

A.V. Pestano. Mexico arrests Knights Templar cartel leader linked to 35 murders. UPI, March 27, 2017. URL:

M. LaSusa. Is gang war in Brazil behind recent violence in Paraguay. InSight Crime, March 27, 2017. URL:

B. Barrouquere. How drug cartels get American guns to Mexico., March 23, 2017. URL: - photo-12582136

M. Safi. Rise of Hindu ‘extremist’ spooks Muslim minority in India’s heartland. The Guardian. March 26, 2017. URL:

T. O’Connor. Violence in Brazil has gotten so bad, an activist was murdered by gunmen in his hospital bed. Newsweek, March 22, 2017. URL:

L. Goi. Killing of Colombia’s police chief highlights continuing threat of BACRIM. InSight, March 22, 2017. URL:

A. Aufrichtig. Mapping US gun murders at a micro level: new data zooms in on violence. The Guardian, March 20, 2017. URL:

J. Watts. Amazon land battle pits indigenous villagers against might of Ecuador state. The Guardian, March 19, 2017. URL:

‘Brutal’ war on drugs to go on, International Criminal Court won’t stop me Duterte. RT, March 19, 2017. URL:

International Crisis Group. Veracruz: Fixing Mexico’s ‘state of terror’. Report #61, February 28, 2017. URL:

M. Dumas. Inside Libya: the war for oil. Middle East Eye, March 17, 2017. URL:

T. Duheaume. Is ethnic restructuring a tool at the hands of Iranian regime? Al Arabiya, March 17, 2017. URL:

Libya military strongman claims control of key eastern oil terminals. Deutsche Welle, March 14, 2017. URL:

Dozens of Myanmar soldiers killed in rebel clashes near China border. March 14, 2017. URL:

J. Burke. ‘It’s life and death’: how the growth of Addis Ababa has sparked ethnic tensions. The Guardian, March 13, 2017. URL:

A. Hidayatova. No military solution to Karabakh conflict: Hoagland. Trend News Agency, March 11, 2017. URL:

J. Hence. Five rangers die in grim month for wildlife protectors. The Observer, February 27, 2017. URL:

ACLU starts new grassroots Trump resistance campaign. Sputnik, March 1, 2017. URL:

A. MacDowall. Rumbling Balkans threaten foreign policy headache for Trump. The Guardian, February 27, 2017. URL:

China says more than 20,000 from Myanmar seek refuge across border. Reuters, March 9, 2017. URL:

Thousands cross from Myanmar to China amid border violence. Deutsche Welle, March 8, 2017. URL:

W. Pusztai, A. Delalande. How Haftar lost the oil ports – as Libya moves closer to uncontrolled break-up. Middle East Eye, March 7, 2017. URL:

C. Oduah. Cultivating hatred, breeding violence. In Nigeria’s Kaduna state conflicts between Christian farmers and Muslim herders fuels deadly attacks. VOA, February 21. 2017. URL:

D. Moukalled. Lebanon’s Ain el-Helweh : a microcosm of Arab conflicts. Arab News, March 4, 2017. URL:

R. Pells. Hate crimes rise by more than half in New York City due to surge in anti-Semitism. The Independent, March 4, 2017. URL:

A. Hopkins. ‘Kill, rape, control’: The 20,000 strong MS-13 gang’s legacy of murder, drugs and human trafficking is exposed after its tattooed thugs are put on trial for murders across America. Mail Online, March 3, 2017. URL:

A.P. Santos. Philippine police conducted vigilante killings: Human Rights Watch says. Deutsche Welle, March 3, 2017. URL:

A. Thompson, D. Gagne. Power vacuum leads to fighting among Chinese mafias in Argentina. InSight Crime, February 28, 2017. URL:

O. Carroll. Ukraine’s Donbass drifts into ‘alternative peace.’ The Moscow Times, February 1, 2017. URL:

South Sudan: tens of thousands flee famine and civil war. Deutsche Welle, February 27, 2017. URL:

5. Counter-Terrorism – General

K. von Hippel. A global strategy is the way to defeat ISIS 2.0. Financial Times, April 2, 2017. URL:

Y. Schweitzer, H. Lang. Trump needs to understand and respect these six basic rules of counterterrorism. American Progress, March 29, 2017. URL:

America’s way ahead in Syria. Institute for the Study of War (ISW), March 14, 2017. URL:

R. Fisk. ‘We see them as monsters. At least Israel makes normal, typical war’: As ISIS caliphate shrinks, Syrian anger grows. The Independent, March 26, 2017. URL:

J. Marcus. A new US strategy in the fight against so-called Islamic State? BBC, March 27, 2017. URL:

Washington counterterrorism gathering highlights ‘IS’ fight and Iran. Deutsche Welle, March 21, 2017. URL:

Counterterrorism pitfalls: what the US fight against ISIS and al-Qaeda should avoid. International Crisis Group, Social Report #3, Middle East & North Africa, March 22, 2017. URL:

J. Karlsrud. UN peacekeeping and counterterrorism. The CSS Blog Network, March 22, 2017. URL:

D.L. Davis. Why America can’t win the war in Afghanistan? The National Interest, March 21, 2017. URL:

What the new administration needs to know about terrorism and counterterrorism. Georgetown Security Studies Review, February 2017. URL:

W. Adair Davies. Counterterrorism effectiveness to jihadists in Western Europe and the US: we are losing the war on terror. Studies in Conflict &Terrorism, January 2017. URL:

The European Union’s policies on counter-terrorism: relevance, coherence and effectiveness. Directorate of internal policies: citizens’ rights and constitutional affairs. Brussels, January, 2017. URL:

N. Searle. To defeat terrorists we have to get inside their minds. The Guardian, March 17, 2017. URL:

B.M. Jenkins. Taking the ‘terror’ out of terrorism requires outsmarting fear. The RAND blog, March 16, 2017. URL:

E. Schmitt. Using special forces against terrorism, Trump seeks to avoid big ground wars. The New York Times, March 19, 2017. URL:®ion=top-news&WT.nav=top-news&_r=2

M. D. Reilly. Hybrid threat center of gravity analysis: taking a fresh look at ISIL. Joint Force Quarterly 84, 1st Quarter, January 2017. URL: - .WMxrOBA1gGs.twitter

K. Ariaratnam. How proxy insurgents of the past have transformed into modern terrorist organizations. LinkedIn, March 14, 2017. URL:;Gv99baKoKguD3PnqBs0o+Q==

J. L. Hazelton. Drone strikes and grand strategy: toward a political understanding of the uses of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle attacks in US security policy. Journal of Strategic Studies, July 5, 2016. URL:

E. Helmore. US retires Predator drones after 15 years that changed the ‘war on terror.’ The Guardian, March 13, 2017. URL:

G. Perl Finkel. A new strategy against ISIS: The Jerusalem Post, March 7, 2017. URL:

P. D. Feaver, H. Brands. Trump and terrorism. US strategy after ISIS. Foreign Affairs, March/April 2017. URL:

J. Jeffrey, S. Cagaptay. Trump needs political-military plan for ISIS. The Cipher Brief, March 1, 2017. URL:

6. Counter-Terrorist Strategies, Tactics and Operations

Bahrain’s king approves military trials for civilians. BBC, April 3, 2017. URL:

S. Bhaumik. Is Bangladesh winning the war against militants? BBC, April 4, 2017. URL:

J. Davison. Brothers in arms: Iraqi armed groups grow as Islamic State shrinks. Reuters, April 3, 2017. URL:

C. Anna. More aggressive US strikes in Somalia said to risk civilians. The Washington Times, April 1, 2017. URL:

Uganda vows to keep hunting for LRA leader. Deutsche Welle, March 30, 2017. URL:

China bans ‘abnormal’ beards & veils to curb extremism in Muslim region. RT, March 30, 2017. URL:

J. Marcus. A new US strategy in the fight against so-called Islamic State? BBC, March 27, 2017. URL:

J. Bowen. Freed from IS tyranny, Mosul Sunnis fear the future. BBC, March 25, 2017. URL:

J. Gold. CENTCOM chief: ‘Vital US interests at state’ in Yemen. Defense one, March 29, 2017. URL:

Turkey says ‘Euphrates Shield’ operation in Syria ‘successfully completed.’ RT, March 29, 2017. URL:

Nigeria’s army ramps up military presence in Sambisa Forest. Deutsche Welle, March 28, 2017. URL:

P. Cockburn. Iraqi government ‘made a mistake’ by attacking Mosul before capturing ISIS sanctuaries. The Independent, March 28, 2017. URL:

J. Carroll. Introducing the counterterrorism yearbook 2017. The Strategist, March 21, 2017. URL:

J. Smith, J. Mackenzie. Afghans plan to double special forces from 17,000 as threat grow- sources. Reuters, March 28, 2017. URL:

P. Cockburn. Civilians in western Mosul are being shot at by ISIS and Iraqi forces alike. The Independent, March 27, 2017. URL:

US to end operations against Lord’s Resistance Army in Africa. Deutsche Welle, March 26, 2017. URL:

Z. Khan. Pakistan to build fence along disputed Afghan border. ABC News, March 26, 2017. URL:

Blackwater to open bases in Xinjiang. The Nation, March 22, 2017. URL:

C. Winter. Two years on, Saudi intervention in Yemen leaves train of death. Deutsche Welle, March 24, 2017. URL:

I. Cummings. FBI undercover stings foil terrorist plots – but often plots of the agency’s own making. The Kansas City Star, March 2, 2017. URL:

Drone war. The Bureau of Investigative Journalism. 2017. URL:

A. al-Warfalli. East Libyan army takes rivals’ final holdout in southwest Benghazi. Reuters, March 19, 2017. URL:

J. Schwedler. US strikes on al-Qaeda in Yemen not separate from ongoing civil war. Atlantic Council, March 10, 2017. URL:

P. Felgenhauer. Private military companies forming vanguard of Russian foreign operations. Eurasia Daily Monitor, 14(36), March 16, 2017. URL:

A. Zenz, J. Leibold. Xinjiang’s rapidly evolving security state. Jamestown Foundation, China Brief, 17(4), March 14, 2017. URL:

J. Brown, M. Bodner. Libya: Russia’s new frontline. The Moscow Times, March 15, 2017. URL:

T. Lodge. Objective Raqqa. The Cipher Brief, March 17, 2017. URL:

B.M. Jenkins. No clear road to Raqqa. The Cipher Brief, March 17, 2017. URL:

A. Stein. A very long and nasty fight. The Cipher Brief, March 17, 2017. URL:

C. Realuyo. US efforts to combat illicit financial networks. The Cipher Brief, March 16, 2017. URL:

J. Cassara. Minimizing abuse of hawalas. The Cipher Brief, March 16, 2017. URL:

K. Kagan, F.W. Kagan. A new strategy against ISIS and al-Qaeda. Institute for the Study of War, March 14, 2017. URL:

H. Abdallah. Palestinians protest over PA-Israel security ties. Al Jazeera, Mar14, 2017. URL:

D. Collins. Syria war: ‘Worst man-made disaster since World War II.’ Al Jazeera, May 15, 2017. URL:

M. Kofman. Russian Spetsnaz: learning from experience. The Cipher Brief, March 15, 2017. URL:

D. Blasko. SOF priority in China. The Cipher Brief, March 15, 2017. URL:

TST IntelBrief. Back to the future in counterterrorism tactics. The Soufan Group, March 15, 2017. URL:

F. Schaap, C. Werner. Assad’s control erodes as warlords again upper hand. Spiegel Online, March 14, 2017. URL: - ref=nl-international

Trump gives CIA authority to conduct drone strikes: WSJ. Reuters, March 14, 2017. URL:

China’s Xinjiang offers leniency for ‘terrorists’ who turn themselves in. Reuters. March 14, 2017. URL:

C. Tomson. US declares newly merged Syrian jihadist group a terrorist organization. Al Masdar News, March 11, 2017. URL:

A.J. Bacevich. The never ending war in Afghanistan. The New York Times, March 13, 2017. URL:

Russian special forces sent to back renegade Libyan general – reports. Reuters, March 14, 2017. URL:

S. Ackerman Pentagon wants to declare more parts of world as temporary battlefields. The Guardian, March 13, 2017. URL:

M. Tsvetkova. Russian private security firm says it had armed men in east Libya. Reuters, March 10, 2017. URL:

C. Panzino, A. de Grandpre. The US is sending 2,500 troops to Kuwait, ready to step up the fight in Syria and Iraq. Army Times, March 9, 2017. URL:

J. Moore, M. MCallester, J. Saville. Syria’s war: six years of bloodshed, violence and destruction. Newsweek, March 10, 2017. URL:

T. Philips. China: Xi Jinping wants ‘ Great Wall of Steel’ in violence-hit Xinjiang. The Guardian, March 11, 2017. URL:

M. Horowitz. ISIS may be almost beaten in Mosul – but the battle for Iraq is just beginning. IB Times, March 9, 2017. URL:

T. O’Connor. Syrian war over? Assad winning, as US, Russia join forces against Turkey. IB Times, March 8, 2017. URL:

A. Speckhard, A. Shajkovci, A.S. Yayla. Defeating ISIS on the battleground as well as in the online battle space: considerations of the ‘new normal’ and available online weapons in the struggle ahead. Journal of Strategic Security, 9(4), 2016. URL:

L. Dearden. Russian, Turkish and US commanders meet to calm worsening Syrian ‘proxy war.’ The Independent, March 8, 2017. URL:

Over 2,000 Iran fighters killed in Iraq. Daily Star, March 8, 2017. URL:

North Waziristan: what happened after militants lost the battle? BBC, March 8, 2017. URL:

J.D. Schuster. The US escalates in Yemen, the US-backed rebels in Syria cut Raqqa’s lifeline, and the Saudis try a charm offensive. Lawfare, March 7, 2017. URL:

R. Sangadji. New group detected in terrorist hotbed of Central Sulawesi. Jakarta Post, March 7, 2017. URL:

Suspected militants planned two plots against Saudi king in Malaysia. The National, March 7, 2017. URL:

J. Pearson. Libya slips into further chaos as Haftar’s army pounds militias at airports. The National, March 7, 2017. URL:

200 Daesh militants killed in one month in Nangarhar. Tolo News, March 6, 20176. URL:

C. Gracie. ‘All-out offensive’ in Xinjiang risks worsening grievances. BBC, March 2, 2017. URL:

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About the Compiler: Berto Jongman is a former senior Military Intelligence Analyst and current International Consultant on CBRN issues. A sociologist by training, he also worked for civilian Swedish and Dutch research institutes. His publications include the edited volume Contemporary Genocides: Causes, Cases and Consequences (1996). Jongman was the recipient of the Golden Candle Award for his World Conflict & Human Rights Maps, published by PIOOM. He also contributed to various editions (1984, 1988, 2005, 2011) of the award-winning Handbook on Terrorism Research, edited by Alex P. Schmid. Currently he is a regular contributor to the Public Intelligence Blog (URL:, IB Consultancy (URL: ) and BlueWaterIntelligence (URL:

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