Recent Online Resources for the Analysis of Terrorism and Related Subjects

Compiled and Selected by Berto Jongman

The items included below became available online in August and September 2017.

They are categorised under twelve headings:

1. Non-Religious Terrorism: Actors, Groups, Incidents and Campaigns

2. Religious (mainly Jihadi) Terrorism: Actors, Groups, Incidents and Campaigns

3. Terrorist Strategies and Tactics

4. Conflict, Crime and Political Violence other than Terrorism

5. Counter-Terrorism – General

6. Counter-Terrorist Strategies, Tactics and Operations

7. State Repression and Civil War at Home and Clandestine & Open Warfare Abroad 8. Prevention and Preparedness Studies (including Countering Violent Extremism, De-Radicalization, Counter-Narratives)

9. Intelligence

10. Cyber Operations

11. Risk & Threat Assessments, Forecasts, Analytical Studies

12. Also Worth Reading

N.B.: ‘Recent Online Resources for the Analysis of Terrorism and Related Subjects’ is a regular feature in ‘Perspectives on Terrorism’.

1. Non-Religious Terrorism: Actors, Groups, Incidents and Campaigns

L. Dearden. National Action: banned neo-Nazi terrorist group still active in UK after finding loophole. The Independent, September 8, 2017. URL:

M. Rueda. FARC deal leaves Colombians out to dry. Deutsche Welle, September 6, 2017. URL:

Colombia strikes cease-fire deal with ELN guerrilla group. Deutsche Welle, September 4, 2017. URL:

D. Peled. How a British neo-Nazi group turned to terrorism and recruited her majesty’s soldiers. Haaretz, September 7, 2017. URL:

M. McHugh. New IRA develops different kind of ‘crude but very effective’ pressure-plate bomb. The Independent, September 2, 2017. URL:

J. Haltiwanger. Are the Antifa terrorists? Feds have reportedly classified their activities as ‘domestic terrorist violence.’ Newsweek, September 1, 2017. URL:

W. Mirza. Homeland Security downplays threat of domestic terrorism. Muckrock, February 22, 2017. URL:

Colombia’s FARC keeps name as group goes straight. Deutsche Welle, September 1, 2017. URL:

J.R. Schindler. How to avoid America’s coming Years of Lead. Observer, August 30, 2017. URL:

D. Burke. Chechen MP is shot dead as he drove to work in attack which was caught in dashcam footage. Mail Online, August 29, 2017. URL:

DAPL developer alleges ‘eco-terrorism,’ sues activist groups for $1 billion. Sputnik, August 25, 2017. URL:

S. McKay. The terrorists of the left. The American Spectator, August 22, 2017. URL:

Man stabs military police guard with samurai sword outside Taiwan presidential office. The Straits Times, August 18, 2017. URL:

A. Alsema. Why are Colombia’s former guerrillas and their families assassinated? Colombia reports, August 16, 2017. URL:

W. Uwajaren. Gunmen attack EFCC headquarters in Abuja. Sahara Reporters, August 16, 2017. URL:

C.P. Blair. Looking clearly at right-wing terrorism. Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, June 9, 2014. URL:

S. Guzman. Colombia struggles to fill power vacuum. The Cipher Brief, August 16, 2017. URL:

M. Yagoub. Despite peace talks, Colombia’s ELN guerillas continue expansion. InSight Crime, July 31, 2017. URL:

J.M. Berger. What the next round of alt-right rallies will reveal. The Atlantic, August 14, 2017. URL:

A dark and constant rage: 25 years of right-wing terrorism in the United States. ADL, 2017. URL:

J. Wilson, E. Helmore, J. Swaine. Man charged with murder after car rams anti-far-right protesters in Charlottesville. The Guardian, August 13, 2017. URL:

J. Ospina-Valencia. Colombia’s former FARC rebels face political challenges following peace agreement. Deutsche Welle, July 28, 2017. URL: .

2. Religious (mainly Jihadi) Terrorism: Actors, Groups, Incidents and Campaigns

C.P. Clarke. How ISIS is transforming. Why predictions of its demise are premature. Foreign Affairs, September 25, 2017. URL:

Anwar al-Awlaki’s violent legacy. Counter Extremism Project, September 2017. URL:

ISIL: target Russia – featured documentary. Al Jazeera English, YouTube, March 30, 2017. URL:

F. Zahid. Jamaat ul Ansar al-Sharia: the new al-Qaeda threat in Pakistan. TerrorismMonitor, 15(8), September 22, 2017. URL:

M. Horton. Is the Hasm movement the future of militancy in Egypt? TerrorismMonitor, 15(8), September 22, 2017. URL:

S. Maher. Parsons Green, and why more attacks on the West by Islamic State are inevitable. New Statesman, September 22, 2017. URL:

A. El-Menawy. How Qatar being forced to stop funding terrorism led to Hamas and Fatah reconciling. The Independent, September 21, 2017. URL:

B. Lintner. The truth behind Myanmar’s Rohingya insurgency. Asian Times, September 20, 2017. URL:

C. McCue, J.T. Massengill, D. Milbrandt, J. Gaughan, M. Cumpston. The Islamic State long game: a tripartite analysis of youth radicalization and indoctrination. The CTC Sentinel, September 21, 2017. URL:

T. Joscelyn. Islamic State rescinds one of its most problematic religious rulings. FDD’s Long War Journal, September 20, 2017. URL:

H. Beech. Rohingya militants vow to fight Myanmar despite disastrous cost. The New York Times, September 17, 2017. URL:

J. Cafarella, J. Zhou. ISIS’s expanding campaign in Europe. Institute for the Study of War (ISW), September 18, 2017. URL:

J. Holland-McCowan, D. Porter. ICSR Insight: The Catalonia attacks in context. ICSR, September 15, 2017. URL:

B. Seftel. Al Qaeda thrives across weak West African states. The Cipher Brief, September 14, 2017. URL:

E. Robinson, D. Egel, P. B. Johnston, S. Mann, A.D. Rothenberg, D. Stabbins. When the Islamic State comes to town. Santa Monica: RAND, RR-1970-RC, 2017, 260p. URL:

Terrorist incidents sharply drop down in Pakistan. Bernama, September 11, 2017. URL:

A. Pandey. Myanmar’s Rohingya rebels – what you need to know. Deutsche Welle, September 10, 2017. URL:

Amnesty: Boko Haram resurgence kills 381 civilians since April. The Jerusalem Post, September 5, 2017. URL:

H.J. Schindler. Trends in ISIL financing. June 23, 2017. GLOBSEC 2017. URL:

B. Hoffmann. A growing terrorist threat on another 9/11. The Wall Street Journal, September 8, 2017. URL:

A. Soufan. Hamza bin Ladin: from steadfast son to al-Qa’ida’s leader in waiting. CTC Sentinel, September 7, 2017. URL:

A. al-Dassouky. The role of jihadi movements in Syrian local governance. OMRAN for Strategic Studies, July 14, 2017. URL: - .WW4EhZpV0pY.twitter

Taliban leader claims they control ‘over half’ of Afghanistan. 21st Century Wire, September 2, 2017. URL:

J. Mitchell: inside the minds of the Islamists terrorists – full interview. American Enterprise Institute, YouTube, January 23, 2017. URL:

L. Bindner, R. Gluck. Wilayat Internet: ISIS’ resilience across the Internet and social media. Bellingcat, September, 2017. URL:

A. al-Tamimi. Review of: S. Staffell, A. Awan (Eds.) Jihadism transformed: al-Qaeda and Islamic State’s global battle of ideas. Oxford University Press, 2018, 296 pp. The Middle East Quarterly, 24(4), Fall 2017. URL:

M. Hamblet. The Islamic State’s virtual caliphate. Jihad in the West. The Middle East Quarterly, Fall, 2017. URL:

Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary. MEMRI, Special Announcement No. 561, August 26, 2017. URL:

C. Reuter. Islamic State’s demise. A terror group in its death throes? Spiegel Online, August 30, 2017. URL:

S. Zeiger. What happens after Daesh? Lessons from Africa, the Americas, and the Arab world. TRENDS, August 30, 2017. URL:

K. Lavinder. Boko Haram stalks region despite territory loss. The Cipher Brief, August 30, 2017. URL:

C. Paton. Iran: Islamic Republic is again largest backer of Hamas against Israel, providing weapons and money for ‘resistance.’ Newsweek, August 29, 2017. URL:

A. Spada. Islamism in the Middle East: a sectarian conflict? Islam Media Analysis, August 29, 2017. URL:

L. Vedino. The roots of the Barcelona attack. In Catalonia, salafist terror is no surprise. Foreign Affairs, August 25, 2017. URL:

A. Ahmad. Jihad & Co. Black markets and Islamist power. Oxford University Press, 2017. URL:

E. Trager. The Muslim Brotherhood’s fatal mistake. The miscalculation that tore up the group in two. Foreign Affairs, August 21, 2017. URL:

G. Wood. True believers. How ISIS made jihad religious again. Foreign Affairs, September/October 2017. URL:

G. Wood. What we still don’t know about the Islamic State’s foreign fighters. The Atlantic, August 2017. URL:

ISIS’s increasing online outreach in Spanish, threats to Spain, in report posted by MEMRI’s Jihad and Terror Threat Monitor (JTTM) project in April 2017. MEMRI, Special Dispatch No. 7057, August 18, 2017. URL:

M. Weinbaum. Jihad in India, Kashmir and Afghanistan: a boost to Pakistan? The Cipher Brief, August 17, 2017. URL:

P. Byrne. Anatomy of terror: what makes normal people become extremists? New Scientist, August 16, 2017. URL:

A. Roul. Al-Qaeda’s quiet resurgence in India. TerrorismMonitor, 15(16), August 15, 2017. URL:

A. Davis. Rohingya insurgency gains momentum in Myanmar. Asia Times, August 15, 2017. URL:

N. Horadam, J. Sorhaindo. Profile: Sheikh Mukhtar Robow (Abu Mansur). Critical Threats, November 14, 2011. URL:

H. Janjua. Pakistani Taliban starts magazine for would-be female jihadists. The Guardian, August 8, 2017. URL:

Hassan Hassan. The story of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham’s rise to prominence and what it means for Syria. The National, July 26, 2017. URL:

3. Terrorist Strategies and Tactics

N. Murad. ‘Female lovers of martyrdom: an example of jihadi feminists?’ The Jordan Times, September 23, 2017. URL:’

A. Stoddard, A. Harmer, M. Czwarno. Aid worker security report 2017. Behind the attacks: a look at the perpetrators of violence against aid workers. Humanitarian Outcomes, August 2017. URL:

Hassan Hassan. New document sheds light on the changing nature of ISIL’s combat tactics. The National, September 20, 2017. URL:

R. Revesz. Build your own bomb: how Amazon’s algorithm helps suggest explosive recipes. The Independent, September 18, 2017. URL:

Hassan Hassan. ISIL’s latest revelations about new tactics are cause for concern. The National, September 20, 2017. URL:

J. Vittori. How anonymous shell companies finance insurgents, criminals, and dictators. ETH Zürich, September 18, 2017. URL:

P. Paganini. Learning about ISIS intentions using Open Source Intelligence. Security Affairs, August 20, 2017. URL:

A. Plaw, E. Santoro. Reaping the whirlwind: drones flown by non-state actors now pose a lethal threat. Terrorism Monitor, 15(7), September 11, 2017. URL:

J. Crowe. How tactics of terror groups have evolved since 9/11. Terror News, September 11, 2017. URL:

K. Lavinder. How the Internet enables ‘Terror 3.0.’ The Cipher Brief, September 8, 2017. URL:

Y.J. Bob. Israeli experts point at new ISIS trend: poison in malls. The Jerusalem Post, September 7, 2017. URL:

IS holds 11,100 blank Syrian passports: report. AFP, September 10, 2017. URL:

S. Sinhai. Terrorists planning chemical attacks on planes, warns MHA. The Times of India, September 10, 2017. URL:

S. Cottee, M. Bloom. The myth of the ISIS female suicide bomber. The Atlantic, September 8, 2017. URL:

I. Barsade, M.C. Horowitz. Militant groups have drones. Now what? The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, September 7, 2017. URL:

S. Malm. ISIS tells its fanatics to poison foods in Western supermarkets after testing the method on its prisoners in Iraq. Mail Online, September 6, 2017. URL:

J, Moore. ISIS is increasingly trying to attract women fighters in Iraq and Syria. Newsweek, September 4, 2017. URL:

P. Verhoeven. Blowing-up Sagrada Familia was Plan A. Terror News, August 19, 2017. URL:

D. Goure. ISIS’ terrorist revolution: sophisticated drone operations: pose grave threat to American forces. The National Interest, August 31, 2017. URL:

Al-Qaida affiliate mining uranium for Iran in Somalia. Newsmax, August 31, 2017. URL:

Armour in the Islamic State, the story of ‘The Workshop’. Oryx Blog, August 31, 2017. URL:

A. Speckhard. Bride of ISIS: the making of a monster – part 1. The Daily Beast, August 31, 2017. URL:

Italy suspects the mafia and ISIS teamed up to smuggle oil to Europe. OCCRP, August 2, 2017. URL:

A. Rota. From teddy bears to bombs: the IEDs of ISIS – in pictures. The Guardian, October 29, 2016. URL:

P. Gurski. An era of near unstoppable terrorism? The Hague: ICCT, August 29, 2017. URL:

T. Allard, A. Beo Da Costa. Indonesian militants planned ‘dirty bomb’ attack- sources. Reuters, August 25, 2017. URL:

H. Kaaman. The evolution of suicide car bombs examined. Action on Armed Violence (AOAV), August 23, 2017. URL:

UN: Boko Haram use of kids as ‘human bombs’ soars in 2017. Associated Press, August 22, 2017. URL:

J. Burke. How can cities protect their citizens against vehicle attacks? The Guardian, August 18, 2017. URL:

A. Taub. As vehicle attacks rise, an ordinary object becomes an instrument of fear. The New York Times, August 17, 2017. URL:

Amphetamine-like drug fuelling Syrian war could go global: scientists. Reuters, August 17, 2017. URL:

J. Moore. ISIS members fleeing Raqqa ‘emaciated, malnourished and high on drugs,’ US coalition says. Newsweek, August 17, 2017. URL:

A. Rachman. Chemical-bomb plot inspired by Islamic State: Indonesia police. The Wall Street Journal, August 16, 2017. URL:

J. Moore. ISIS torture methods revealed: sitting with severed heads, fuel dousing and the ‘flying carpet.’ Newsweek, August 15, 2017. URL:

T. Joscelyn. AQAP publishes guide for derailing trains in the US, Europe. FDD’s Long War Journal, August 13, 2017. URL:

4. Conflict, Crime and Political Violence other than Terrorism

G. Price. Antifa leader explains violent movement: Nazi’s shouldn’t feel safe in public. Newsweek, September 14, 2017. URL:

B. Lee. CREST guide: understanding the far-right landscape. CREST, July 14, 2017. URL:

E. Chenowith. Trends in nonviolent resistance and state response: Is violence towards civilian-based movements on the rise? Global responsibility to protect, 9(1), 2017, pp. 86-100. URL: Summarized in Nonviolent resistance and government repression. Peace Science Digest, 2017. URL: Nonviolent resistance and government repression. Peace Science Digest,

M. Bray. Antifa: the anti-fascist handbook. Melville House, 2017, 288pp. URL:

A. Dimaggio. Responding to Antifa and Riseup: on revolutionary politics and non-violence. Counterpunch, September 1, 2017. URL:

L. Dearden. Muslims in Bradford receive letters threatening acid attacks and to ‘kill scum.’ The Independent, August 29, 2017. URL:

J. Wilson. Ruby Ridge, 1992: the day the American militia movement was born. The Guardian, August 26, 2017. URL:

Hate groups are growing under Trump. The Atlantic, August 15, 2017. URL:

M. Lamoreux. The integral role conspiracies play in far-right violence. Vice, August 22, 2017. URL:

Antifa battle plan leaked! – These documents reveal exactly what they aim to do!. Daily Herald News, August 20, 2017. URL:

The defenders. 117 environmental defenders have been killed so far in 2017 while protecting their community’s land or natural resources. Global Witness, July 31, 2017. URL:

T. Squirrell. Linguistic data analysis of 3 billion Reddit comments shows the alt-right is getting stronger. Quartz, August 18, 2017. URL:

D. Frosch, C. McWhirter, R. Kesling. The new right-wing extremism: unified, tech-savvy and emboldened. The Wall Street Journal, August 16, 2017. URL:

5. Counter-Terrorism – General

Double-edged sword: vigilantes in African counter-insurgencies. International Crisis Group, September 7, 2017. URL:

J. Fallows. The new series on the Vietnam War, and the mysteries of historical resonance. The Atlantic, September 19, 2017. URL:

A. Shortland, T. Keatinge. Closing the gap: assessing responses to terrorist-related kidnap-for-ransom. RUSI, September 12, 2017. URL:

D. Byman, S. Simon. Trump’s surge in Afghanistan. Foreign Affairs, September 18, 2017. URL:

D. Fear. ‘The Vietnam War’: inside Ken Burns’ 18-hour doc on the era-defining conflict. Rollingstone, September 15, 2017. URL:

A. Sehmer. The drone special issue. Terrorism Monitor, 15(7), September 11, 2017. URL:

M. Hilal. The war on terror has targeted Muslims almost exclusively. Counterpunch, September 13, 2017. URL:

J. Berke. ‘You can’t drone your way out of a problem’: David Petraeus shares 5 key lessons from 15 years of fighting terrorism. Business Insider, September 4, 2017. URL:

B. Seftel. The legacy of leadership decapitation after 9/11. The Cipher Brief, September 10, 2017. URL:

M. Leiter. Resilient ISIS immune to killing of its top leaders. The Cipher Brief, September 10, 2017. URL:

A. Cordesman. The cost of a half strategy in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, and Yemen. CSIS, September 12, 2017. URL:

T. Bacon. How al-Qaeda survived for 16 years after staging the 9/11 attacks. Newsweek, September 11, 2017. URL:

S.J. Frantzman. What the Syrian regime’s assault on ISIS means for the region. The Jerusalem Post, August 19, 2017. URL:

D. Cavenaugh. The CIA’s counterinsurgency in Vietnam was brutal…and effective. War is Boring, September 6, 2017. URL:

Combating al-Qaeda in Syria: a strategy for the next administration. The Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy, January 11, 2017. URL:

List of designated terrorist groups. Wikipedia, 2017. URL:

M.J. Totten. America’s longest war is hardly its worst. World Affairs, August 29, 2017. URL:’s-longest-war-hardly-its-worst

R. Fisk. How did anti-Assad protests turn to war in Syria? Counterpunch, September 1, 2017. URL:

J.L. Hazelton. The ‘hearts and minds’ fallacy: violence, coercion, and success in counterinsurgency warfare. International Security, 41(1), Summer 2017, pp. 80-113. URL:

B. Heuser, E. Shamir. (Eds.) Insurgencies and counterinsurgencies. National styles and strategic cultures. Cambridge University Press, 2017. Review by T. McDermott. The Strategy Bridge, August 28, 2017. URL:

6. Counter-Terrorist Strategies, Tactics and Operations

C. Gaffey. Nigeria is putting 1,600 Boko Haram suspects on trial in front of four judges. Newsweek, September 25, 2017. URL:

N. Hamid. Terrorism: the lessons of Barcelona. The New York Review of Books, September 19, 2017. URL:

US-led airstrikes kill 2,617 civilians in Syria. Xinhua, September 24, 2017. URL:

M. Hahm. Terrorism experts: here’s how tech companies should see the problem. Yahoo Finance, September 21, 2017. URL:

E. Schmitt. Pentagon tests lasers and nets to combat a vexing foe: ISIS drones. The New York Times, September 23, 2017. URL:

L. Dearden. ISIS winning online war against government’s anti-terror efforts, new report warns. The Independent, September 18, 2017. URL:

J. Moore. Donald Trump plans to allow special forces, CIA to target low-level jihadis outside war zones. Newsweek, September 22, 2017. URL:

SIGAR report puts Afghan security deficiencies in focus. Al Jazeera, September 22, 2017. URL:

After the killing and death of about 3,100 people of civilians and fighters, ISIS loses its main stronghold and capital in Syria. SOHR, September 21, 2017. URL:

P. Cruickshank. A view from the CT foxhole: an interview with Brian Fishman, counterterrorism policy manager, Facebook. CTC Sentinel, September 21, 2017. URL:

J. Burke. How to detect a potential terrorist? Heed warnings from people who know them. The Guardian, June 11, 2017. URL:

C. Winter, H.J. Ingram. Why ISIS is so good at branding its failures as successes. The Atlantic, September 19, 2017. URL:

T. Holt, J.D. Freilich, S. Chermak. Taking down websites won’t stop terrorists and hate groups – if anything, it will make them stronger. The Independent, September 19, 2017. URL:

M. Frampton, A. Fisher, N. Prucha. The new netwar: countering extremism online. Policy Exchange, September 19, 2017. URL:

Profiling the CB adversary: motivation, psychology and decision. START Research Brief, September 2017. URL:

Syria Situation report: August 31 – September 14, 2017. URL:

A. Erickson. Is it possible to protect a public transport system from terror? The Independent, September 16, 2017. URL:

F.C. Hof. The revolution in Syria against Assad has failed, for now. Newsweek, September 15, 2017. URL:

M. Horton. Drone warfare in Yemen: a catalyst for the growth and evolution of AQAP. Terrorism Monitor, 15(7), September 11, 2017. URL:

‘Will the 9/11 case finally go to trial?’: Andrew Cockburn on new evidence linking Saudis to attacks. Democracy Now! September 13, 2017. URL:

J. Moore. Trump White House believes it can strike ISIS and al-Qaeda ‘anywhere, anytime.’ Newsweek, September 13, 2017. URL:

J. Beck. The ruins of Mosul have exposed the future of high-tech warfare. WIRED, September 8, 2017. URL:

Airpower Summary. AFCENT (CAOC) Public Affairs, August 31, 2017. URL: summary/Airpower Summary - August 2017.pdf?ver=2017-09-07-104037-223

W. J. Hennigan. Vast new intelligence haul fuels next phase of fight against Islamic State. Los Angeles Times, September 8, 2017. URL: Campaign&utm_term=*Situation Report

R. Jalabi, U. Laessing. Iraq holding 1,400 foreign wives, children of suspected Islamic State fighters. Reuters, September 10, 2017. URL:

R. Pape. Don’t overestimate drone strikes’ power to kill high value targets. The Cipher Brief, September 10, 2017. URL:

M. Leiter. Resilient ISIS immune to killing of its top leaders. The Cipher Brief, September 10, 2017. URL:

B. Seftel. The legacy of leadership decapitation after 9/11. The Cipher Brief, September 10-, 2017. URL:

R. Wright. Sixteen years after 9/11, how does terrorism end? The New Yorker, September 10, 2017. URL:

H. Keinon. Shin Bet head says hundreds of attacks have been thwarted this year. The Jerusalem Post, September 10, 2017. URL:

Nigerian army launches ‘Exercise Python Dance II, set for crackdown on violent agitators, kidnappers and others in South-East. Sahara Reporters, September 9, 2017. URL:

R. Tingle. Did Russia use the ‘father of all bombs’ to kill senior ISIS commanders? Reports claim biggest ever non-nuclear bomb has been detonated near Syrian city of Deir ez Zour. Mail Online, September 8, 2017. URL:

R. Fisk. The West might hardly believe it, but it now seems the Syrian war is ending – and Assad is the victor. The Independent, The September 7, 2017. URL:

UN: civilian death toll in Yemen exceeds 5,000. Deutsche Welle, September 5, 2017. URL:

B. McKernan. Israeli air force jets kill two in rare targeting of Syrian chemical facility. The Independent, September 7, 2017. URL:

Special committee to tackle deficiencies in the fight against terrorism. News European Parliament, July 6, 2017. URL:

Detecting carriers of dirty bombs. Homeland Security News Wire, September 5, 2017. URL:

K. Dozier. Has the US air war killed 685 civilians – or more than 5200? The Daily Beast, September 1, 2017. URL:

L. Dearden. Terrorists’ families should be jailed if they fail to alert authorities, says Government’s top terror adviser. The Independent, September 1, 2017. URL:

R. Kemp, A. Ostrovsky. What Europe can learn from Israel in its war against vehicle attacks and lone wolf terror. IB Times, August 22, 2017. URL:

W. Hasrat-Nazimi. Did Afghan minerals change Trump’s mind about Afghanistan? Deutsche Welle, August 29, 2017. URL:

Iran in the post-ISIS era: aims, opportunities and challenges. The Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center, August 31, 2017. URL:

P. Wintour. UK government unveils £200m in aid to help fight Boko Haram in Nigeria. The Guardian, August 30, 2017. URL:

A. McAllister. After a decade of delays, why the rush for the GITMO terror trial? Newsweek, August 30, 2017. URL:

Top Afghan officials allegedly speak with Taliban nearly everyday. Dawn, August 30, 2017. URL:

Who was behind the jihadist attacks on Europe and North America? BBC, August 30, 2017. URL:

S. Malm. Hundreds of divorced couples are forced to remarry in Chechnya – allowing the husbands to have two wives – because hardline president believes it will stop terrorism. Mail Online,

648 detained, 282 arrested in 117 ISL operations in Istanbul over one year. Hurriyet, August 29, 2017. URL:

J.M. Berger. Countering Islamic State messaging through ‘linkage-based’ analysis. The Hague, ICCT Policy Brief, August 2017. URL:

J. King. As a European security chief, I can tell you the EU’s plans to tackle terrorism. The Independent, August 24, 2017. URL:

J. Goodson. Twelve big changes in Afghanistan strategy., August 24, 2017. URL:

Israel’s Mossad submits report detailing Iran ‘growing influence in Syria.’ Asharq al-Awsat, August 23, 2017. URL:

R. Mason. Britain sends £9m to Libya to fight terror threat and migrant crisis. The Guardian, August 23, 2017. URL:

T. Porter. As Trump announces troop surge, here are six blunders the US has made in Afghanistan. Newsweek, August 22, 2017. URL:

K. Hulbert. Pakistan and US don’t see same urgency in terror fight. The Cipher Brief, August 23, 2017. URL:

B. Seftel. US calls Pakistan on its double-game. The Cipher Brief, August 23, 2017. URL:

I. Hamidi. Washington monitors 10,000 Qaeda militants in Idlib. Asharq al-Awsat, August 22, 2017. URL:

R. Nordland. What an Afghan victory looks like under the Trump plan. The Bulletin, August 23, 2017. URL:

E. Nakhleh. What happens in the Middle East doesn’t stay in the Middle East. The Cipher Brief, August 18, 2017. URL:

N. Fishwick. European intel bound closer by terror. The Cipher Brief, August 18, 2017. URL:

M. Weinger. Barcelona attack: ISIS plot or copycat contagion? The Cipher Brief, August 18, 2017. URL:

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L. Dearden. Terror laws should be scrapped, says government’s independent reviewer of terrorism legislation. The Independent, August 19, 2017. URL:

F. Reinares. Islamic extremism is a growing presence in Spain. The Globe and Mail, August 18, 2017. URL:

P. Zelikow. The domestic terrorism danger: focus on unauthorized private militia groups. Lawfare, August 15, 2017. URL:

B. Hoffman. Spain a fault line between Islam and the West. The Cipher Brief, August 18, 2017. URL:

K. McVeigh. UK’s £2m support for Egypt security projects branded ‘deeply disturbing.’ The Guardian, August 18, 2017. URL:

J. Moore. ISIS-inspired jihadis planned chemical bomb attack on Indonesia’s presidential palace. Newsweek, August 17, 2017. URL:

A. Harel. Israel struck Syrian and Hezbollah arms convoys nearly 100 times in five years, top general says. Haaretz, August 17, 2017. URL:

Z. Abuza. The Uighurs and China’s regional counter-terrorism efforts. Terrorism Monitor, 15(16), August 15, 2017. URL:

A. Comrade Godwin. Army launches strike force to wipe out Boko Haram from north eastern Nigeria. Daily Post, August 16, 2017. URL:

A.P. Santos. How two brothers took over a Filipino city for ISIS. The Atlantic, August 12, 2017. URL:

Kabul police chief unveils new comprehensive security plan for the capital. Khaama Press, August 14, 2017. URL:

J. Holland-McCowan. ICSR Report: War of shadows – how Turkey’s conflict with the PKK shapes the Syrian civil war and Iraqi Kurdistan. ICSR Report, August 8, 2017. URL:

M. Reitman. How tech companies are fighting the digital war against ISIS. RealClearLife, August 8, 2017. URL:

Criticism of government’s counter-terrorism strategy is based on ‘ignorance,’ senior Scotland Yard chief says. Telegraph, August 7, 2017. URL:

7. State Repression and Civil War at Home and Clandestine & Open Warfare Abroad

UN official: Rohingya exodus ‘most urgent refugee emergency in the world.’ CBS News, September 24, 2017. URL:

A. Kay. UN commission of inquiry on Burundi request ICC to open investigation into crimes against humanity. International Law Bureau, September 24, 2017. URL:

E. Schmitt. Iran is smuggling increasingly potent weapons into Yemen, US admiral says. The New York Times, September 18, 2017. URL:

P. Butchard. Strategy not sacrilege: state terrorism as an element of foreign policy. E-international relations students. September 18, 2017. URL:

C. Mortimer. Rohingya crisis: UN to investigate reports of ethnic cleansing by Burmese military of the Muslim minority group. The Independent, September 19, 2017. URL:

S. Mednick. Forgotten people stranded for years by South Sudan’s war. Associated Press, September 19, 2017. URL:’s-war

Burma: satellite imagery shows mass destruction. 214 villages almost totally destroyed in Rakhine state. Human Rights Watch, September 19, 2017. URL:

R. Chamseddine. Nearly 2,000 dead in Myanmar amid military-led ethnic cleansing of Rohingya., September 18, 2017. URL:

J. Kurlantzick. Genocide in Myanmar: this is no time to help their military. Newsweek, September 15, 2017. URL:

S. Lotto Persio. Why Myanmar hates the Rohingya. Newsweek, September 15, 2017. URL:

L. Woocher, S. Skjodt. Missed opportunities for prevention? A study of US policy and atrocities in Syria in since 2011. United States Memorial Holocaust Museum, August 2017. URL:

S. Khan. Rohingya Muslim crisis: Burma’s security forces using scorched earth tactics to drive out minority, new evidence finds. The Independent, September 14, 2017. URL:

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About the Compiler: Berto Jongman is Assistant Editor of ‘Perspectives on Terrorism’. He is a former senior Military Intelligence Analyst and current International Consultant on CBRN issues. A sociologist by training, he also worked for civilian Swedish and Dutch research institutes. Jongman was the recipient of the Golden Candle Award for his World Conflict & Human Rights Maps, published by PIOOM. He is editor of the volume ‘Contemporary Genocides’ and has also contributed to various editions of ‘Political Terrorism’, the award-winning handbook of terrorism research, edited by Alex P. Schmid.

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