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We are pleased to announce the release of Volume XI, Issue 5 (October 2017) of Perspectives on Terrorism at Our free and independent online journal is a publication of the Terrorism Research Initiative (TRI) and the Institute of Security and Global Affairs (ISGA) of Leiden University’s Campus The Hague. Now in its eleventh year, Perspectives on Terrorism has nearly 7,600 regular subscribers and many more occasional readers and website visitors worldwide. The Articles of its six annual issues are fully peer reviewed by external referees while its Research and Policy Notes, Special Correspondence and other content are subject to internal editorial quality control.

Here is a brief look at the contents of the current issue:

The first article by Andrew Silke and Tinka Veldhuis explore the phenomenon of violent extremism in prisons, highlighting the most important research findings in recent years. Then Ariel Koch describes the symbolism and rhetoric of contemporary right-wing extremists in Europe and North America, noting their description of those who disagree with them as “treacherous” or “disloyal” in their calls for violence against Muslims, immigrants and left-wing or moderate elements of society. And Cato Hemmingby examines the targeting preferences of militant Islamists in Western Europe, where he finds conservative tendencies and no significant differences between al-Qaida and Islamic State-linked perpetrators.

This issue of Perspectives on Terrorism (PoT) also features a Research Note by Thomas Quiggin, who calls for a strategic (i.e., more than tactical) European response to Islamist ideology.

In the Resources section the reader will find a column of 30 short book reviews by Joshua Sinai, followed by two extensive bibliographies compiled by the journal’s Information Resources Editor, Judith Tinnes. Then Ryan Scrivens provides a list of academic theses on terrorism and counterterrorism completed over the past five years. And the issue concludes with a detailed list of recent online, open-source publications on terrorism and counterterrorism, compiled by web analyst Berto Jongman.

The current issue of Perspectives on Terrorism was jointly prepared by editor James J.F. Forest and associate editor Aaron Zelin, with assistance from Prof. em. Alex P. Schmid, the editor-in-chief of the journal.

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