Recent Online Resources for the Analysis of Terrorism and Related Subjects

complied and selected by Berto Jongman

The items included below became available online in September, October and November 2017. They are categorised under twelve headings:

1. Non-Religious Terrorism: Actors, Groups, Incidents and Campaigns

2. Religious (mainly Jihadi) Terrorism: Actors, Groups, Incidents and Campaigns

3. Terrorist Strategies and Tactics

4. Conflict, Crime and Political Violence other than Terrorism

5. Counter-Terrorism – General

6. Counter-Terrorist Strategies, Tactics and Operations

7. State Repression and Civil War at Home and Clandestine & Open Warfare Abroad

8. Prevention and Preparedness Studies (including Countering Violent Extremism, De-Radicalization, Counter-Narratives)

9. Intelligence

10. Cyber Operations

11. Risk & Threat Assessments, Forecasts, Analytical Studies

12. Also Worth Reading

N.B.: ‘Recent Online Resources for the Analysis of Terrorism and Related Subjects’ is a regular feature in ‘Perspectives on Terrorism’.

1. Non-Religious Terrorism: Actors, Groups, Incidents and Campaigns

Niger Delta Avengers promise a return to militancy. The Maritime Executive, November 3, 2017. URL:

A. Bassey. Leading National Action member found dead days before hate court case. Birmingham Mail, November 8, 2017. URL:

D. Gayle, R. Maclean, H. McDonald. British man killed in Nigeria after being held hostage. The Guardian, November 6, 2017. URL:

C. Tomson. PKK militants infiltrate Turkish outpost overnight, kill entire army garrison: video. Al Masdar News, November 11, 2017. URL:

Savitri Devi: the mystical fascist being resurrected by the alt-right. BBC, October 29, 2017. URL:

J. Kwong. Wife of Putin’s alleged assassination plotter shot dead near Kiev. Newsweek, October 31, 2017. URL:

N. Peterson. Has Putin ordered the assassination of Ukrainians? Newsweek, November 1, 2017. URL:

A.C. Thompson, A. Winston. White supremacists share bomb-making materials in Online chats. ProPublica, November 2, 2017. URL:

Vladimir Putin assassination plot suspect wounded, wife killed in attack. Deutsche Welle, October 31, 2017. URL:

J. Watts. Battle for the motherland: indigenous people of Colombia fighting for their lands. The Guardian, October 29, 2017. URL:

J.A. Piazza. What drives far-right terrorism in the United States? Sustainable Security, September 12, 2017. URL:

L. Dearden. National Action: alleged neo-Nazi ‘bought machete to murder Labour MP Rosie Cooper.’ The Independent, October 27, 2017. URL:

D. Brown. Son of slain Panama Papers journalist rages against politicians: ‘This is what war looks like.’ Business Insider, October 18, 2017. URL:

M. Hasan. The numbers don’t lie: white far-right terrorists pose a clear danger to us all. The Intercept, May 31, 2017. URL:

S. King. The white privilege of the ‘lone wolf’ shooter. The Intercept, October 3, 2017. URL:

S. King. The airport bomber from last week you never heard about. The Intercept, October 11, 2017. URL:

Les attacques au Mozambique sans lien avec les ‘terroristes’ islamistes (police)., October 10, 2017. URL:

TSC IntelBrief: The Lessons not learned from Las Vegas. The Soufan Center, October 9, 2017. URL:

D. Swain. Mass murder or terrorism? Who decides what to call it? CBC News, October 7, 2017. URL:

J. Ryali. Japanese ‘nerve gas’ cult splinter group has surveillance lifted. Deutsche Welle, September 29, 2017. URL:

Mexico: 11th journalist killed, setting path for record-breaking year. Deutsche Welle, October 7, 2017. URL:

G. Wood. The religion of mass shooting. The Atlantic, October 4, 2017. URL:

M. Gajanan. What we still don’t know about the Las Vegas shooting. Time, October 3, 2017. URL:

L. Pasha-Robinson. Las Vegas shooting – live updates: police admit they have ‘no idea’ of ‘psychopath’ Stephen Paddock’s motives. The Independent, October 3, 2017. URL:

J. Wilkinson, R. Parry, R. Styles, C. Pleasance, A. Collman. At least 50 dead and 406 injured as gunman with terrifying arsenal of weapons opens fire on packed Vegas music festival from 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay hotel: shooter killed and ‘companion’ caught. Mail Online, October 2, 2017. URL:

T. Batchelor. Nevada state law defines Las Vegas mass shooting as an act of terrorism. The Independent, October 2, 2017. URL:

2. Religious (mainly Jihadi) Terrorism: Actors, Groups, Incidents and Campaigns

C.P. Clarke. The moderate face of al-Qaeda. Foreign Affairs, October 24, 2017. URL:

J. Wirtschafter, K.J. Gadiaga. Africa becomes the new battleground for ISIS and al-Qaeda as they lose ground in Mideast. USA Today, October 25, 2017. URL:

W.M. Marcellino, K. Cragin, J. Mendelsohn, A. M. Cady, M. Magnuson, K. Reedy. Measuring the popular resonance of Daesh’s propaganda. Journal of Strategic Security, 10(1), 2017. URL:

A. Shehabat, T. Mitew, Y. Alzoubi. Encrypted jihad: investigating the role of Telegram App in lone wolf attack in the West. Journal of Strategic Security, 10(3), 2017. URL:

Considering claimed attacks: Islamic State’s hidden narrative. TRAC, October 24, 2017. URL:

T. Hamming. What we learned from Sami al-Uraydi’s testimony concerning Abu Abdullah al-Shami. Jihadica, October 24, 2017. URL:

M.B. Markusen, T.M. Sanderson. The United Nations and al-Qaeda respond to ethnic cleansing in Myanmar. Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS) , September 7, 2017. URL:

T.M. Sanderson, M.B. Markusen. Myanmar and its Rohingya Muslim insurgency. Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS) , September 7, 2017. URL:

R. Dixon. After Niger attack, a look at clandestine jihadis posing a growing danger to US forces in Africa. Los Angeles Times, October 21, 2017. URL: 10.23.2017&utm_term=Editorial - Military - Early Bird Brief

List of armed groups in the Syrian civil war. Wikipedia, 2017. URL:

S. Almukhtar, T. Griggs, K.K. Rebecca Lai, T. Wallace. The Islamic State: from insurgency to rogue state and back. The New York Times, October 22, 2017. URL:

S. Simon interviews B. Hoffman. Why the fall of Raqqa doesn’t signify the end of the Islamic State. NPR, October 21, 2017. URL:

A. Baloch. Militant Haqqani network – a brief history. Deutsche Welle, October 17, 2017. URL:

Attacks in Somalia – a 2017 timeline. Al Jazeera, October 21, 2017. URL:

A. Barnard, H. Saad. As ISIS’ role in Syria wanes, other conflicts take the stage. The New York Times, October 19, 2017. URL:®ion=stream&module=stream_unit&version=latest&contentPlacement=5&pgtype=sectionfront

J. Jeffrey, D. Natali, W. Alzayat, P. Salem. Post-ISIS Iraq and Syria: avoiding chaos. Middle East Policy, 24(3), Fall 2017. URL:

G.E. Robinson. The four waves of global jihad, 1979-2017. Middle East Policy, 24(3), Fall 2017. URL:

Spotlight on Global Jihad (October 3-18, 2017). The Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center, October 19, 2017. URL:

S. Atran, H. Waziri, R. Davis. ISIS after the caliphate. The New York Review of Books, October 19, 2017. URL:

M. Bryden. The reinvention of al-Shabaab. A strategy of choice or necessity? Center for Strategic & International Studies, February 21, 2014. URL:

R. Beckhusen. The enduring horror of al-Shabab. Mass murder in Mogadishu comes after years of failures to stop the terror group. War is Boring, October 18, 2017. URL:

J. Burke. Somalia bombing may have been revenge for botched US-led operation. The Guardian, October 17, 2017. URL:

R. Wright. The ignominious end of the ISIS caliphate. The New Yorker, October 17, 2017. URL:

I. Overton. 2017 could be the deadliest year for suicide attacks in Afghanistan on record – why is this happening? AOAV, October 17, 2017. URL:

J. Burke. Mogadishu truck bomb: 500 casualties in Somalia’s worst terrorist attack. The Guardian, October 15, 2017. URL:

C. Goldbaum. On the ground in Mogadishu: terrorists kill more than 250 in a city that had been coming alive. The Daily Beast, October 15, 2017. URL:

Spotlight on global jihad (September 28- October 2, 2017) The Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center, October 3, 2017. URL:

The social roots of jihadist violence in Burkina Faso’s north. International Crisis Group (ICG), Report #254, October 12, 2017. URL:

The March 2016 Brussels attacks – 10 reasons by the ‘Islamic State’ & the context of the Sunni extremist universe. Online Jihad: monitoring jihadist online communities. October 15, 2017. URL:

S. Paterson. ‘Sleeper cells are ready’: ISIS defector warns UK faces more terror attacks from jihadi migrants in Europe who are waiting for their strike order from Syria. Mail Online, October 14, 2017. URL:

K. Orton. The Islamic State planned for sectarian war in Iraq from the beginning. The Syrian Intifada, October 13, 2017. URL:

D. Gartenstein-Ross. Tens of thousands of Syrian rebels poised to regroup. The Cipher Brief, October 12, 2017. URL:

E. Nakhleh. Will al-Qaeda affiliates turn their sights against the US? The Cipher Brief, October 12, 2017. URL:

B. Seftel. Al Qaeda spinoffs rise from Syrian ashes. The Cipher Brief, October 12, 2017. URL:

A.Y. Zelin. Interpreting the fall of Islamic State governance. The Washington Institute, October 13, 2017. URL:

T.O’Connor. ISIS supporters threaten to assassinate Trump and Putin, want attacks on US and Russia. Newsweek, October 12, 2017. URL:

C. Gaffey. Why are over 1 million displaced persons in Nigeria too scared to go home? Newsweek, October 12, 2017. URL:

P. Staniland. Whither ISIS? Insights from insurgent responses to decline. The Washington Quarterly, October 5, 2017. URL:

P. Cockburn. ISIS is facing near total defeat in Iraq and Syria – but it has been beaten and come back before. The Independent, October 11, 2017. URL:

K. Hamadé. ISIS commander on the run tells of the terror inside the terrorist sect. Expressen, October 11, 2017. URL:

TSC IntelBrief: Al-Qaeda and the global jihadist movement. The Soufan Center, October 6, 2017. URL:

C.P. Clarke. How ISIS is transforming. The RAND blog, September 25, 2017. URL:

T. Magee. How ISIS runs its central media operation. Techworld, September 29, 2017. URL:

M. Awad. A challenging state. Emerging armed groups in Egypt. Security Assessment in North Africa, Small Arms Survey, Briefing paper, July 2017. URL:

A. Chew. Global terror groups set to exploit violence in Myanmar’s Rakhine: analysts. Channel News Asia, October 3, 2017. URL:

M. Hamblet. The Islamic State’s virtual caliphate: jihad in the West – analysis. EurasiaReview, September 29, 2017. URL:

M. Drake. New global ISIS terror network emerges after Syria and Iraq defeats, security chief warns. Express, October 5, 2017. URL:

C. Bunzel. Caliphate in disarray: theological turmoil in Islamic State. Jihadica, October 3, 2017. URL:

R. Coolsaet. Anticipating the post-Daesh landscape. Egmont Papers, October 3, 2017. URL:

T. Renard. Terrorist networks in Belgium: from security to structural challenge. Egmont, Other Publications, August 29, 2017. URL:

T. Renard. Europe’s ‘new’ jihad: homegrown, leaderless, virtual. Egmont, Security Policy Briefs, July 6, 2017. URL:

D. Byman. Divisions within the global jihad: a primer. Lawfare, September 29, 2017. URL:

3. Terrorists Strategies and Tactics

J. Philipp. Drug cartels are building assassin drones. The Epoch Times, October 24, 2017. URL:

M. Gallagher. The 2016 ‘lone wolf’ tsunami – Is Rapoport’s ‘religious wave’ ending? Journal of Strategic Security, 10(2), 2017. URL:

M.D. Zelesny, P. Whitney, A. White. A conceptual model to identify intent to use chemical-biological weapons. Journal of Strategic Security, 10(3), 2017. URL:

Motivations, mechanisms and determinants of terrorist technology transfer. START Research Brief, October 2017. URL:

S. Dinan. Terror from skies as Mexican cartel attaches bomb to drone. Washington Times, October 24, 2017. URL:

T. O’Connor. ISIS celebrates California wildfires death toll as supporters suggest ways to make it worse. Newsweek, October 20, 2017. URL:

C. Strack. The evolution of the Islamic State’s chemical weapons efforts. CTC Sentinel, October 18, 2017. URL:

R. Basra, P.R. Neumann. Crime as jihad: developments in the crime-terror nexus in Europe. CTC Sentinel, October 18, 2017. URL:

D.C. Hofmann. The study of terrorist leadership: where do we go from here. Journal of Criminological Research, Policy and Practice, 3(3), 2017, pp. 208-221. URL:

C. Ellis, R. Pantucci, J. de Roy van Zuijdewijn, E. Bakker, B. Gomis, S. Palombi, M. Smith. Lone-actor terrorism. Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), Countering lone-actor terrorism series, no.11, 2016. URL:

K. Fahim, L. Sly. Lethal roadside bomb that killed scores of US troops re-appears in Iraq. The Washington Post, October 12, 2017. URL:

S. Loertscher, D. Milton. Held hostage: analyses of kidnapping across time and among jihadist organizations. Westpoint: CTC, December 2015. URL:

IEDs and components found in Iraq. Counter IED, YouTube, October 7, 2017. URL:

Jihadist group chat discusses using App for Steganography, encrypted communication. SITE, October 9, 2017. URL:

L. Dearden. ISIS among terrorist groups using slaves to recruit rapists and domestic abusers. The Independent, October 9, 2017. URL:

L. Dearden. ISIS calls on women to fight and launch terror attacks for first time. The Independent, October 6, 2017. URL:

D. von Drehle. US must recognize drones as potential terror threat. The Guam Daily, October 2, 2017. URL:

R. Borum. What drives lone offenders? The Conversation, September 27, 2017. URL:

C. Winter, J. Whittaker. The Islamic State’s suicide industry. AOAV, October 4, 2017. URL: - .WdS6Pzo_5wI.twitter

M. Acton. Inside an ISIS suicide vest factory: images show how jihadists manufacture deadly devices filled with ball bearings in Iraq. Mail Online, October 3, 2017. URL:

S. Sharfat, R. Synovitz. Taliban targets medical clinics in new Afghan insurgency strategy. Radio Free Europe, Radio Liberty, September 27, 2017. URL:

T. Joscelyn. Islamic State radio tries to quell controversy over takfir. FDD’s Long War Journal, September 26, 2017. URL:

I. Thomson. Shock! Hackers for medieval caliphate are terrible coders. The Register, September 25, 2017. URL:

4. Conflict, Crime and Political Violence other than Terrorism

S. Plana. What political science tells us about the risk of civil war in Spain. War on the Rocks, October 25, 2017. URL:

A. Buncombe. Video shows US commando-style operation that killed four Honduran civilians after five-year cover-up by Washington. The Independent, October 24, 2017. URL:

Charting China’s ‘great purge’ under Xi. BBC, October 23, 2017. URL:

P. Cockburn. History tells us that nationalist referendums, like those in Kurdistan and the UK, never end well. The Independent, October 20, 2017. URL:

A. Jawad al-Tamimi. Iraq’s Kurdistan’s crisis: a failure of strategy. The American Spectator, October 22, 2017. URL:

C. Dickey. Inside the myths and madness of MS-13. The Daily Beast, October 22, 2017. URL:

M. Chulov. Kurds defeated, displaced and divided after Iraq reclaims oil-rich Kirkuk. The Guardian, October 22, 2017. URL:

A.C. Thompson, A. Winston, D. Bond Graham. Racist, violent, unpunished: a white hate group’s campaign of menace. Propublica, October 19, 2017. URL:

D. Sharkov. Vladimir Putin says he fears ‘Srebenica-like’ massacre in Ukraine. Newsweek, October 20, 2017. URL:

M. Beith, J.A. Hootsen. El Chapo is going down. How many drug lords, assassins, politicians and policemen will he take with him? Newsweek, October 19, 2017. URL:

R. Johnson. Special report: ISIS oil? Follow the money (back to Europe). 21stCentury Wire, December 12, 2015. URL:

Syria, Iraq –why the Kurdish independence project failed. Moon of Alabama, October 17, 2017. URL:

D. Johnstone. Antifa: self-appointed radical revolutionaries or neoliberal thought police? 21st Century Wire, October 17, 2017. URL:

C. Hayes. Violence toward cops skyrocketed in 2016 and whites are mostly responsible. Newsweek, October 16, 2017. URL:

M. Galeotti. Donbas war will be won by force of example, not arms. European Council on Foreign Relations, October 16, 2017. URL:

J. Kryt. Colombia security forces ‘massacre’ coca farmers under pressure from Trump. The Daily Beast, October 15, 2017. URL:

D. Macintyre. Tony Blair: ‘We were wrong to boycott Hamas after its election win.’ The Guardian, October 14, 2017. URL:

M. Edison Hayden. ‘Kill them all’: white nationalists threaten fresh violence against leftists, Charlottesville lawsuit alleges. Newsweek, October 12, 2017. URL:

M. Gidda. Death in India: Hindu vigilantes are attacking Muslims in the name of protecting cows. Newsweek, October 12, 2017. URL:

C. Hayes. Half of police killings aren’t documented and many of the dead are black, young. Newsweek, October 11, 2017. URL:

B. Haas. Why isn’t gun violence treated as seriously as terrorism? Newsweek, October 9, 2017. URL:

K. Rosmani. I spent two years studying the families of mass shooters – this is what I discovered. The Times of India, October 7, 2017. URL:

J. Goldstein, B. Weiser. After 78 killings, a Honduran drug lord partners with the US. The New York Times, October 7, 2017. URL:

AU silent over Cameroon separatist crisis. Deutsche Welle, October 5, 2017. URL:

M. Galeotti. Russian gangsters and Las Vegas: an opportunity and an example. In Moscow’s Shadows, November 12, 2012. URL:

Members and associates of Russian crime syndicate arrested for racketeering, extortion, robbery, murder-for-hire, conspiracy, fraud, narcotics, and firearms offenses. Department of Justice, June 7, 2017. URL:

Behind the bloodshed. Explore the data: US mass killings since 2006. USA Today, October 4, 2017. URL: - explore

5. Counter-Terrorism – General

Arms control 2.0: operationalizing SDG target 16.4. Small Arms Survey, Briefing Paper, October 25, 2017. URL:

J. Hohmann. The Daily 202: Bannon vs. Petraeus on how to defeat Islamic extremism. The Washington Post, October 24, 2017. URL:

J. Argomaniz, O. Bures, C. Kaunert, C. Health-Kelly, H. Hegemann, A. Marshall, D. Omand. Forum 10 on ‘A decade of EU counter-terrorism and intelligence: a critical assessment.’ The International Security Studies Forum (IISSF), October 25, 2015. URL:

D. Byman. Policy series: assessing Trump’s emerging counterterrorism policy. The International Security Studies Forum (ISSF), September 12, 2017. URL:

D.H. Ucko, J.E. Fritz. Article Review 87 on ‘Hearts and minds’ fallacy: violence, coercion and success in counterinsurgency warfare.’ The International Security Studies Forum (USSF), October 13, 2017. URL:

B. R. Price. Human terrain at the crossroads. Joint Force Quarterly 87, October 2017. URL:

T.W. Reznik. The risk of delay: the need for a new authorization for use of military force. Joint Force Quarterly 87, October 2017. URL:

J. Miller, I. Corey. Follow the money: targeting enemy war-sustaining activities. Joint Forces Quarterly 87, October 2017, URL:

J.W. Little. Australian approaches of counterterrorism. Blogs of War, October 2, 2017. URL:

A. Carter. A lasting defeat: the campaign to destroy ISIS. Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School, October 2017. URL:

E.L. Briant. Propaganda and counterterrorism. Strategies for global change. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2015, 304 pp. URL:

M.J. Morell, B. Harlow. The great war of our time: the CIA’s fight against terrorism –from al-Qa’ida to ISIS. New York, NY, Twelve, 2016, 384p. URL:

I. Shamsunshar. We’re getting the Malysia counterinsurgency all wrong. Stop using the Malysian emergency as a model for current wars. War is Boring, September 27, 2017. URL:

P. Idden. The US military now has a permanent base in Israel. War is Boring, September 27, 2017. URL:

T. O’Connor. Russia attacks US military guide preparing troops for future war with Moscow. Newsweek, September 26, 2017. URL:

6. Counter-Terrorist Strategies, Tactics and Operations

L. Murdoch. Marawi uprising funded by $1.9 million from Islamic State. The Age, October 25, 2017. URL:

S. Kasraoui. Despite Morocco’s success fighting terrorism, Tindouf camps remain al-Qaida ‘breeding ground’: El Khiam. Morocco World News, October 21, 2017. URL:

C. Pleasance. How ISIS crushed a city: shocking photos show the tsunami-like devastation jihadis wrecked on Philippine city of Marawi. Mail Online, October 25, 2017. URL:

Cross Talk: War as a habit. RT, YouTube, October 25, 2017. URL:

US military breeds violence in Africa. TheRealNews, YouTube, October 24, 2017. URL:

T. Holt, J.D. Freilich, S. Chermak. Can taking down websites really stop terrorists and hate groups? START, September 18, 2017. URL:

R. Barrett. Beyond the Caliphate: Foreign fighters and the threat of returnees. The Soufan Center, October 2017. URL:

R. Wright. ISIS jihadis have returned home by the thousands. The New Yorker, October 23, 2017. URL:

P. Gurski. When Canadians are kidnapped, there’s no perfect playbook. The Globe and Mail, October 23, 2017. URL:

FBI failed to access 7,000 encrypted mobile devices. BBC, October 2017. URL:

W. Morgan, J. Klimas. What really happened in Niger? Politico, October 20, 2017. URL: 10.23.2017&utm_term=Editorial - Military - Early Bird Brief

Philippines declares end to battle with Islamist militants in Marawi. Deutsche Welle, October 22, 2017. URL:

T. Gibbons-Neff, E. Schmitt, A. Goldman. A newly assertive CIA expands its Taliban hunt in Afghanistan. The New York Times, October 22, 2017. URL:

S. Naidu. Lying in wait: behind Malaysia’s influx of foreign terrorists. Channel News Asia, October 21, 2017. URL:

M. Rajagopalan. This is what a 21st-century police state really looks like. BuzzFeed, October 17, 2017. URL:

S. Inge. Raqqa in ruins: Mile after mile of devastated streets and bombed out tower blocks – the aerial images that show how ISIS ‘caliphate capital’ has been reduced to rubble. Mail Online, October 22, 2017. URL:

A. Matthews. Women lead the way in hunt for ISIS: expert team of female special forces are seeking out hundreds of jihadis hiding in Syria and Iraq. Mail Online, October 22, 2017. URL:

‘G5 Sahel’ chief appeals for support ahead of first mission. Mail Online, October 22, 2017. URL:

S. Engel Rasmussen. Russia accused of supplying Taliban as power shifts create strange bedfellows. The Guardian, October 22, 2017. URL:

G7, tech giants agree on plan to block jihadist content online at Italy meeting. The Local, October 21, 2017. URL:

US conducts more air strikes against Islamic State in Libya. Middle East Eye, September 28, 2017. URL:

A.P. Santos. Philippine President Duterte declares Marawi ‘liberation’ from jihadists. Deutsche Welle, October 17, 2017. URL:

Six charts that show Afghanistan’s deepening insecurity. IRIN, October 18, 2017. URL:

J. Moore. Facebook, Google and twitter, in new ‘great alliance’, agree to remove ISIS content within hours. Newsweek, October 20, 2017. URL:

D. Gettinger. War books: the era of the drone, with Dan Gettinger. Modern War Institute, October 16, 2017. URL:

B. Kesling, N.A. Youssef. US considering increasing tempo of operations in Africa, senator says. The Wall Street Journal, October 20, 2017. URL:

S. LeVine, S. Vera. ISIS may be dispersed, not destroyed. Axios, October 20, 2017. URL:

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Canada: extremism & counter-extremism. Counter Extremism Project, October 2017. URL:

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P. Cockburn. The defeat of ISIS in Raqqa will bring problems for the victorious Syrian Kurds. The Independent, October 16, 2017. URL:

R. Fisk. ISIS has lost Raqqa with the fighting taking much of the city’s history too – where will their fighters head to next? The Independent, October 16, 2017. URL:

P. Cockburn. Iraq seizes Kirkuk from Kurds leaving two US allies locked in conflict and bringing end to move for independence. The Independent, October 16, 2017. URL:

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As with mass murderers so with terrorists. Borealis Threat & Risk Consulting. October 15, 2017. URL:

Afghanistan: reported US covert actions 2017. The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, October 2017. URL:

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J. Burke. Mogadishu atrocity may provoke deeper US involvement in Somalia. The Guardian, October 15, 2017. URL:

Z. Torrey. The human costs of controlling Xinjiang. The Diplomat, October 10, 2017. URL:

J. Burke. US special forces deaths in Niger lift veil on shadow war against Islamists in Sahel. The Guardian, October 15, 2017. URL:

I. Leslie. The scientists persuading terrorists to spill their secrets. The Guardian, October 13, 2017. URL:

The Iraq Report: IS reduced to final bastions in Iraq. The New Arab, October 11, 2017. URL:

T. Aaronson. ‘You have a way out’ Recordings capture brutal FBI tactics to recruit a potential informant. The Intercept, October 10, 2017. URL:

45 foreign fighters arrested in Malaysia this year. Channel News Asia, October 13, 2017. URL:

Afghan civilian casualties declined slightly in first nine months of 2017. RFE/RL, October 12, 2017. URL:

J. Smith. Afghan civilian casualties from air strikes rise more than 50 percent says UN. Reuters, October 12, 2017. URL:

Y. Jeremy Bob. NY official: homegrown terrorism bigger problem in US than Europe. The Jerusalem Post, October 13, 2017. URL:

F. Jordans. Berlin probe: Xmas market attacker could have been thwarted. ABC News, October 12, 2017. URL:

O. Bowcott. Is the targeting of the ISIS member Sally Jones legally justified? The Guardian, October 12, 2017. URL:

S. Kamali Dehghan. ‘It’s become a monster’: is Iran’s revolutionary guard a terror group? The Guardian, October 12, 2017. URL:

Trump targets Hezbollah, and ISIS may benefit. The RealNews, YouTube, October 11, 2017. URL:

M. White. Tech firms ‘invest £100m’ in fight against terror propaganda. SkyNews, October 11, 2017. URL:

T. O’Connor. How the US lost the war in Syria to Russia and Iran. Newsweek, October 11, 2017. URL:

T. Ayres. The use of explosives in cities: a grim but lawful reality of war. Joint Force Quarterly 87, October 2017, URL: - .Wd1tA6hM5qg.twitter

N.A. Sales, N.J. Rasmussen. Briefing on US efforts to counter Hezbollah. Special Briefing, US Department of State, Washington, DC, October 10, 2017. URL:

Myanmar pledges to crack down on Muslim militant group. Radio Free Asia, October 10, 2017. URL:

S. Kamali Dehghan. Trump’s targeting of Revolutionary Guards is a step too far for Iran. The Guardian, October 10, 2017. URL:

IS conflict ‘has displaced more than 5m Iraqis.’ BBC, October 10, 2017. URL:

US forces drop 751 bombs on Taliban and Daesh in September. Tolo News, October 10, 2017. URL:

T. O’Connor. Iran’s Revolutionary Guards threaten to attack US military if Trump labels them terrorists. Newsweek, October 9, 2017. URL:

Iran vows to designate US army as terrorist entity. Al Masdar News, October 9, 2017. URL:

L. Siems. Inside the CIA’s black site torture room. The Guardian, October 9, 2017. URL:

D.L. Byman. Should we treat domestic terrorists the way we treat ISIS? What works – and what doesn’t. Brookings, October 3, 2017. URL:

S. Levin. FBI terrorism unit says ‘black identity extremists’ pose a violent threat. The Guardian, October 7, 2017. URL:

M. Georgy, A. Rasheed, R. Jalabi. In Mosul’s fall, informers played a vital role against Islamic State. Reuters, October 4, 2017. URL:

Russia says kills 180 jihadists, mercenaries in Syria. 24Matins, October 7, 2017. URL:

Zia ur Rehman. Arrests since 9/11 show al-Qaeda maintaining presence in Karachi: report. The International News, October 3, 2017. URL:

G. Flynn. New report details how the ill-fated January SEAL raid in Yemen went wrong. Task and Purpose, October 3, 2017. URL:

S. Williams. ISIS obliterated: British jets have smashes evil caliphate with 1,500 airstrikes. Express, September 28, 2017. URL:

M. Drake. SAS on top-secret mission to assassinate Osama bin Laden’s son before he plans attacks. Express, October 2, 2017. URL:

B. Kentish, H. Agerholm. European governments have deported almost 10,000 Afghans to risk of death and torture, Amnesty finds. The Independent, October 5, 2017. URL:

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