Recent Online Resources for the Analysis of Terrorism and Related Subjects

Berto Jongman


Most of the items included below became available online in January and February 2018. They are categorised under twelve headings: 1. Non-Religious Terrorism: Actors, Groups, Incidents and Campaigns 2. Religious (mainly Jihadi) Terrorism: Actors, Groups, Incidents and Campaigns 3. Terrorist Strategies and Tactics 4. Conflict, Crime and Political Violence other than Terrorism 5. Counter-Terrorism – General 6. Counter-Terrorist Strategies, Tactics and Operations 7. State Repression and Civil War at Home and Clandestine & Open Warfare Abroad 8. Prevention and Preparedness Studies (including Countering Violent Extremism, De-Radicalization,Counter-Narratives) 9. Intelligence 10. Cyber Operations and Information Warfare 11. Risk & Threat Assessments, Forecasts, Analytical Studies 12. Also Worth Reading

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