Expanding the TRI Network for Doctoral Researchers in the Fields of Terrorism, Political Violence and Armed Conflict to the United States of America and Russia

Expanding the TRI Network for Doctoral Researchers in the Fields of Terrorism, Political Violence and Armed Conflict to the United States of America and Russia

by Alex P. Schmid,  Gordon Clubb, Jason Rineheart and Yulia  Netesova

In September 2011, the Terrorism Research Initiative (TRI) announced the creation of a post-graduate terrorism research network in the United Kingdom. The idea was to compile a list of post-graduates conducting research in the UK in the overlapping fields of terrorism, political violence, and armed conflict. While much research is conducted in these three overlapping fields, those involved in research are often unsure what is going on outside their own university department. They also wonder how their own work relates to current research developments elsewhere. To address these concerns, TRI has been inviting UK researchers to complete a profile form.

The response was impressive and clearly demonstrated a need for such a network. The interest was so high that the TRI UK network decided to include also academics who already had a PhD and other qualified researchers interested in collaborating with researchers in the UK. While focused on fostering a postgraduate research community, the network aims to create links with the wider terrorism research community in the UK and abroad.

The UK network, managed by Gordon Clubb, is planning to publish a UK Terrorism Research Review in one of the next issues of Perspectives on Terrorism. It will contain the updated profiles of researchers, details of events organised by members of the network and information on conferences, scholarships etc. TRI hopes this will be a useful tool for researchers to build a vibrant research community and promote multidisciplinary research.

In the present edition of Perspectives on Terrorism, TRI is seeking to expand this initiative to two more countries - the United States and Russia. This will allow doctoral researchers there to exchange information and ideas and check who is working on a topic similar or related to their own. Like in the case of the UK project, the ultimate goal is to maintain an updated list of, on the one hand, American terrorism researchers and, on the other hand, Russian researchers so that interested individuals can correspond with each other and create a collegial environment for potential collaboration in their own country and, hopefully, also beyond it. As the nature of terrorism research is increasingly global and multi-disciplinary, TRI-facilitated networks can provide a way for doctoral researchers as well as post-doctoral scholars to keep themselves updated about research trends in the field and also make each other aware of upcoming conferences and job opportunities at home or abroad.

Russian and US-based doctoral researchers are invited to complete the form below. The information received will be grouped and listed by TRI Research Assistants Yulia Netesova (for Russia) and Jason Rineheart (for the USA) and made available in appropriate form to all bona fide participants in their respective countries.

(i)   Name:

(ii)  University:

(iii) Department/Discipline:

(iv) (PhD Thesis) research topic:

(vi) Expected completion of project:

(vii) Email address:

(viii) Country:

If you are from or in the United States, please send this information (i – viii) to Jason Rineheart at [email protected], and, if you are from or in Russia, to Yulia Netesova at [email protected] . Yulia and Jason are themselves postgraduates preparing their PhD theses. If you want to join the UK network or provide input for the UK Terrorism Research Review, please contact Gordon Clubb at [email protected] .

NB: TRI is planning to create more country-based networks and is looking for volunteers to assist us in setting them up and running them. If interested, please contact Alex P. Schmid at: [email protected]


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