Internet Websites and Links for (Counter-)Terrorism Research

Berto Jongman


 Since 9/11 the field of (Counter-) Terrorism Studies has expanded exponentially. With the simultaneous expansion of  Internet-based resources, it has become almost impossible to maintain an overview of the field – the more so  as a variety of sub-fields have emerged, dealing with specific aspects of the phenomenon of terrorism. Any researcher dealing with (counter-) terrorism issues on a regular basis would be aided by a guide of web links directing him or her to areas relevant for particular research needs. However, since the knowledge requirements of researchers differ, there can be no universal list that satisfies  all.[1]  The following short list is admittedly subjective, serving my individual research needs. They are all from Open Sources. I have grouped them in 15 fairly general categories; much more specialised categories could be selected. By visiting these sites and exploring what is available on each of them, the reader might get further ideas as to where to look to satisfy his or her specific needs. Most of these websites have their own list of additional web resources which can also be very useful. In the following, I will introduce each category with some explanatory notes.

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