News from TRI's National Networks of PhD Theses Writers

News from TRI's National Networks of PhD Theses Writers

In line with its mission “Enhancing Security through Collaborative Research”, the Terrorism Research Initiative is setting up national networks of post-graduate scholars working on their PhD theses in the field of Terrorism Studies (including counter-terrorism, political violence, security and armed conflict). So far, TRI has  five emerging networks run by Research Assistants of the Terrorism Research Initiative who act as coordinators. If you wish to join, here are their contact details:

United Kingdom: Gordon Clubb, Leeds University;  <[email protected]>;
The Netherlands (& Flanders in Belgium): Renée Frissen;  Campus Den Haag, < [email protected] >;

Russia: Yulia Netesova,  <[email protected]>;

United States: Jason Rineheart, <[email protected] >;

Canada: Nick Deshpande. Email: [email protected] .

Since Jason Rineheart is currently working for the Red Cross in Afghanistan, he could need some help from a qualified US-based PhD thesis writer to assist him in strengthening the network in the United States.
The UK network was the first one established and is now up and running. Its coordinator is organizing a workshop on Terrorism, Theory and Radicalisation for its members at the University of Leeds on May 26, 2012. The list of speakers includes Prof. Caroline Kennedy-Pipe and a former terrorism adviser to the Bush administration. If you want to register, contact TRI’s Research Associate and UK network coordinator, Gordon Clubb, and check the website: < >

The British TRI network aims to facilitate collaboration between PhD and academic researchers on terrorism, conflict and security throughout the UK. So far the network has members from twenty-two universities. Gordon Clubb is currently in the process of extending the UK network to professionals in NGOs, Think Tanks and government organisations. In addition to compiling researcher profiles, the UK network also hosts events to bring members together to collaborate where feasible in their ongoing research.

While national TRI networks focus on writers of PhD theses, they are not confined to them. Scholars and professionals with similar qualifications and those who have already completed their PhD theses are also welcome. We encourage post-graduate scholars to join such national networks or, if there is none in your country, to assist in setting one up. For more information, contact TRI Director < [email protected] >

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