Selected Literature on Terrorism and Religion

Selected Literature on Terrorism and Religion

Monographs, Edited Volumes, Non-conventional Literature and Prime Articles published since 2001, selected by

Eric Price (Professional Information Specialist; Editorial Assistant PT)

NB: some of the items listed below are clickable and allow access to the full text; those with an asterix [*] only have a clickable table of contents.

Aboul-Enein, Y.H. (2010) Militant Islamist ideology: understanding the global threat Annapolis, Md.: Naval Institute Press.

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[* ].

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[* ].

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[* ].

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[* ].

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[* ].

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[* ].

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[* ].

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[* ].

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[* ].

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[* ].

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[* ].

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[* ].

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[* ].

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[* ].

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[* ].

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[* ].

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[* ].

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[* ].

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Non-conventional Literature

Adkins, M.J. (2007) Suicidal Terrorism, A Dying Strategy. [Thesis] Marshall University; Huntington, W. Virginia

[ ].         

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[*|Faith|Freedom ].

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[ ].

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[ ].

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[ ].

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