Hizballah in Africa

Carl Wege


There is a gap in the existing literature on Hizballah which has rarely been examined: Hizballah and Iran’s recent roles in Africa. The African continent, particularly countries below the Sahara, is characterized by a large number of failed states and/or effectively ungoverned regions. Hizballah exploited the opportunity presented there to create strategic depth for the organisation in Africa. Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC - Sepahe Padan-e  Inqilal-e Islami, Pasdaran), allied with Hizballah, utilizes the strategic space Africa affords to advance Iranian national objectives.  Given the expanding US presence on the continent in pursuit of  international Salafi jihadists affiliated to Al-Qaeda, it is worthwhile also to take note of the history of Hizballah’ role and recent activities and those of Iran in Africa. 

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