Vol 3, No 2 (2009)

Perspectives on Terrorism

Table of Contents


Letter from the Editor PDF HTML


Counter-Narratives and the Unrehearsed Stories Counter-Terrorists Unwittingly Produce PDF HTML
Beatrice de Graaf
Terrorist Drop-outs: One Way of Promoting a Counter-Narrative PDF HTML
Michael Jacobson
Understanding al-Qaeda’s Ideology for Counter-Narrative Work PDF HTML
Tom Quiggin
Winning the Battle but Losing the War? Narrative and Counter-Narratives Strategy PDF HTML
Christian Leuprecht, Todd Hataley, Sophia Moskalenko, Clark McCauley

Book Reviews

Peter R. Neumann. Old & New Terrorism. Late Modernity, Globalization and the Transformation of Political Violence. PDF HTML
Alex P. Schmid
Ana S. Trbovich. A Legal Geography of Yugoslavia's Disintegration. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press, 2008 PDF HTML
Dipak Gupta
Ruediger Lohlker. Dschihadismus Materialien [Jihadism Materials]. PDF HTML
Alex P. Schmid

Conference Calendars

Conference Calendar (Sept. – Dec. 2009) PDF HTML

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