Vol 4, No 3 (2010)

Perspectives on Terrorism

Table of Contents


‘Oil-Qaeda’: Jihadist Threats to the Energy Sector PDF HTML
Tim Pippard
Using the Qur’an to Justify Terrorist Violence: Analysing Selective Application of the Qur’an in English-Language Militant Islamist Discourse PDF HTML
Donald Holbrook
Hizballah’s Bekka Organization PDF HTML
Carl Anthony Wege
Sacred Barriers to Conflict Resolution?   A Critique of Atran’s and Axelrod’s Bargaining Model as Applied to the Israeli-Palestinian Confrontation PDF HTML
Paul Kamolnick
The Science of the Sacred:  Response to Professor Kamolnick PDF HTML
Scott Atran, Robert Axelroad


Dissertations and Theses on (Counter-)Terrorism and Political Violence (1980-2010) PDF HTML
Eric Price

Conference Calendars

Conference Calendar PDF HTML

Book Reviews

Jeffrey F. Addicott. Terrorism Law. Materials, Cases, Comments PDF HTML
Alex P. Schmid
Charles Webel and Johan Galtung (Eds.) . Handbook of Peace and Conflict Studies PDF HTML
Alex P. Schmid
Thomas Riegler. Terrorismus. Akteure, Strukturen, Entwicklungslinien PDF HTML
Alex P. Schmid

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