Vol 5, No 5-6 (2011)

Perspectives on Terrorism

Table of Contents


Living with terror, not Living in Terror: The Impact of Chronic Terrorism on Israeli Society PDF HTML
Dov Waxman
What Have We Learned about Lone Wolves from Anders Behring Breivik? PDF HTML
Raffaello Pantucci
Preventing Lone Wolf Terrorism: some CT Approaches Addressed PDF HTML
Edwin Bakker, Beatrice de Graaf
Practice Makes Perfect?: The Changing Civilian Toll of CIA Drone Strikes in Pakistan PDF HTML
Avery Plaw, Matthew S. Fricker, Brian Glyn Williams
Requirements and Facilitators for Suicide Terrorism: an Explanatory Framework for Prediction and Prevention PDF HTML
Adam Lankford
Sharia Adherence Mosque Survey: Correlations between Sharia Adherence and Violent Dogma in U.S. Mosques PDF HTML
Mordechai Kedar, David Yerushalmi

Book Reviews

Peter Taylor. Talking to Terrorists: A Personal History from the IRA to Al Qaeda PDF HTML
Richard Phelps
Stefan Malthaner, Mobilizing the Faithful. Militant Islamist Groups and their Constituencies PDF HTML
Joost Augusteijn
Jennifer Jefferis. Armed for Life: The Army of God and Anti-Abortion Terror in the United States PDF HTML
Aylish Cotter


A Chronology of Attacks on and Unlawful Interferences with, Offshore Oil and Gas Installations, 1975 – 2010 PDF HTML
Mikhail Kashubsky
Literature on Right-wing and Vigilante Terrorism PDF HTML
Eric Price


Expanding the TRI Network for Doctoral Researchers in the Fields of Terrorism, Political Violence and Armed Conflict to the United States of America and Russia PDF HTML
Alex P. Schmid, Gordon Clubb, Jason Rineheart, Yulia  Netesova

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