Vol 6, No 4-5 (2012)

Perspectives on Terrorism

Special Double Issue on Terrorist Decision-Making

Prepared by James J.F. Forest

Table of Contents


Terrorist Decision-Making: Insights from Economics and Political Science PDF HTML
Jacob N. Shapiro
Turning to and from Terror: Deciphering the Conditions under which Political Groups Choose Violent and Nonviolent Tactics PDF HTML
Susanne Martin, Arie Perliger
Why Terrorists Overestimate the Odds of Victory  PDF HTML
Max Abrahms, Karolina Lula
Exploring Agreements of Convenience Made among Violent Non-State Actors PDF HTML
Annette Idler
Exploring the Iran-Hezbollah Relationship: A Case Study of how State Sponsorship affects Terrorist Group Decision-Making PDF HTML
Marc R. DeVore
Terrorist Group and Government Interaction: Progress in Empirical Research PDF HTML
David B. Carter
The Decision Calculus of Terrorist Leaders PDF HTML
J. Tyson Chatagnier, Alex Mintz, Yair Samban


Terrorism in North America (Canada, United States, Mexico), 1970 – 2010: a Research Note PDF HTML
Richard J. Chasdi
Bibliography: Inside Terrorist Organisations PDF HTML
Eric Price

Book Reviews

Alex Strick van Linschoten and Felix Kuehn (Eds.). Poetry of the Taliban. PDF HTML
Richard Phelps
Richard Jackson, Eamon Murphy & Scott Poynting (Eds.) Contemporary State Terrorism: Theory and Practice.  PDF HTML
Oluwaseun Bamidele
John Updike. Terrorist. PDF HTML
Amien Kacou


News from TRI's National Networks of PhD Theses Writers PDF HTML

Notes from the Editor

Call for Peer Reviewers PDF HTML

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