Vol 6, No 6 (2012)

Perspectives on Terrorism

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Al-Qaeda's Response to the Arab Spring PDF HTML
Donald Holbrook
The State as a Terrorist: France and the Red Hand PDF HTML
Thomas Riegler
Radio as the Voice of God: Peace and Tolerance Radio Programming’s Impact on Norms PDF HTML
Daniel P. Aldrich


Research Note: Single Actor Terrorism: Scope, Characteristics and Explanations PDF HTML
Petter Nesser
Research Note: Inside an Indonesian Online Library for Radical Materials PDF HTML
Muhammad Haniff Hassan, Zulkifli Mohamed
Research Note: Terrorism in Northwestern Africa: Mali, Mauretania, and Algeria: What START’s Quantitative Data (1970-2011) Can and Cannot Tell Us PDF HTML
Richard J Chasdi
Review Essay: Twenty Important Journal Articles on Radicalisation to, and De-Radicalisation from, Terrorism PDF HTML
David Hofmann
Selected Literature on (i) Radicalization and Recruitment, (ii) De-Radicalization and Dis-Engagement, and (iii) Counter-Radicalization and Countering Violent Extremism PDF HTML
David C. C. Hofmann, Alex P. Schmid
Literature on Victims of Terrorism: Monographs, Edited Volumes, Non-conventional Literature and Prime Articles & Book Chapters PDF HTML
Eric Price

Book Reviews

Andreas Wenger and Alex Wilner (Eds.). Deterring Terrorism: Theory and Practice PDF HTML
Joshua Sinai
Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium (TRAC). PDF HTML
Alex P. Schmid


News from TRI's National Networks of PhD Theses Writers PDF HTML

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