Vol 7, No 3 (2013)

Perspectives on Terrorism

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Exploring Support for Terrorism Among Muslims PDF HTML
Adrian Cherney, Jenny Povey
Controversies of Conversions: The Potential Terrorist Threat of European Converts to Islam PDF HTML
Monika G. Bartoszewicz
“Join the Caravan”: The Ideology of Political Authority in Islam from Ibn Taymiyya to Boko Haram in North-Eastern Nigeria PDF HTML
Atta Barkindo
Current and Emerging Threats of Homegrown Terrorism: The Case of the Boston Bombings PDF HTML
Rohan Gunaratna, Cleo Haynal

Research Notes

The Boston Marathon Bombers: the Lethal Cocktail that Turned Troubled Youth to Terrorism PDF HTML
Anne Speckhard
New Light on CIA “Double Tap” Drone Strikes on Taliban “First Responders” in Pakistan’s Tribal Areas PDF HTML
Brian Glyn Williams


230 Websites and Blogs for Terrorism Research PDF HTML
Judith Tinnes
Literature on Refugee Situations (including Internally Displaced Persons) and Terrorism (incl. other forms of Political Violence and Armed Conflict) PDF HTML
Eric Price

Book Reviews

Counterterrorism Bookshelf PDF HTML
Joshua Sinai
Arabinda Acharya. Ten Years After 9/11: Rethinking the Jihadist Threat.& Abdel Bari Atwan. After bin Laden: Al-Qaeda, the Next Generation. PDF HTML
David Hensel
Jonathan Matusitz. Terrorism & Communication. A Critical Introduction. PDF HTML
Alex P. Schmid


Syria – a Best Case, a Worst Case and two Most Likely Scenarios PDF HTML
Philipp Holtmann


Two Courses on Terrorism – one Free, the other for a Fee PDF HTML

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Perspectives on Terrorism, Volume 7, Issue 3 PDF
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