Vol 10, No 5 (2016)

Perspectives on Terrorism

Table of Contents

Introduction to the Issue

Welcome from the Editor PDF HTML
James J.F. Forest
Announcement of TRI Best Thesis Award Winner PDF HTML
James J.F. Forest


Patterns of Collective Desistance from Terrorism: Fundamental Measurement Challenges PDF HTML
Erin Miller
Involvement Mechanisms of Jihadist Networks PDF HTML
Jasper L. de Bie
Classification and Collection of Terrorism Incident Data in Canada PDF HTML
Patrick McCaffery, Lindsy Richardson, Jocelyn J. Bélanger
‘Criminalised’ Islamic State Veterans – A Future Major Threat in Organised Crime Development? PDF HTML
Martin Gallagher
A Communitarian Justification for Measures to Prevent Terrorism in the UK PDF HTML
Ian Turner
Poverty and “Economic Deprivation Theory”: Street Children, Qur’anic Schools/almajirai and the Dispossessed as a Source of Recruitment for Boko Haram and other Religious, Political and Criminal Groups in Northern Nigeria PDF HTML
William W. Hansen

Research Notes

IS and its Predecessors: Violent Extremism in Historical Perspective PDF HTML
Bob de Graaff

Special Correspondence

Watchlisting PDF HTML
Kenneth Duncan
Nobody Born a Terrorist, but Early Childhood Matters: Explaining the Jihadis’ Lack of Empathy PDF HTML
Nancy Hartevelt Kobrin


Bibliography: Terrorism and the Media (including the Internet) (Part 3) PDF HTML
Judith Tinnes

Book Reviews

Counterterrorism Bookshelf: 36 Books on Terrorism & Counterterrorism-Related Subjects PDF HTML
Joshua Sinai
Movie Review PDF HTML
Joshua Sinai

Notes from the Editor

Crowdfunding Initiative on the Occasion of the 10th Anniversary of Perspectives on Terrorism PDF HTML

Complete Issue

Perspectives on Terrorism, Volume 10, Issue 5 PDF
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