Vol 12, No 1 (2018)

Perspectives on Terrorism Vol 12, Issue 1

Table of Contents

Introduction to the Issue

Welcome from the Editors PDF
The Editors


Reconsidering Radicalization: Fanaticism and the Link Between Ideas and Violence PDF
Bart Schuurman, Max Taylor
Explaining Civilian Attacks: Terrorist Networks, Principal-Agent Problems and Target Selection PDF
Max Abrahms, Matthew Ward, Ryan Kennedy
Terrorist Tactics by Criminal Organizations: The Mexican Case in Context PDF
Brian J. Phillips
Terrorist Prison Breaks PDF
Trevor Cloen, Yelena Biberman, Farhan Zahid

Research Notes

Radicalisation: A Subtype of Religious Conversion? PDF
Julien van Elzen
Black-boxing the Black Flag: Anonymous Sharing Platforms and ISIS Content Distribution Tactics PDF
Ahmad Shehabat, Teodor Mitew


Counterterrorism Bookshelf: 18 Books on Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism-Related Subjects PDF
Joshua Sinai
Bibliography: Social Aspects of Terrorism PDF
Judith Tinnes
Bibliography: Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (Part 2) PDF
Judith Tinnes
Recent Online Resources for the Analysis of Terrorism and Related Subjects PDF
Berto Jongman
200+ Academic Theses (Ph.D. and MA) on Terrorism- and Counter-Terrorism - related Issues, written in French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, and Norwegian PDF
Ryan Scrivens


TRI Thesis Award 2017 PDF
The Editors

Notes from the Editor

Words of Appreciation PDF

Complete Issue

Perspectives on Terrorism Vol 12, Issue 1 PDF
Various Authors

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