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The European-based Terrorism Research Initiative and the America-based Center for Terrorism and Security Studies seek to support the international community of terrorism researchers and analysts by facilitating coordination and engaging in cooperative endeavours. The globally-circulated online journal Perspectives on Terrorism is co-published by these two entities, and is viewed online by over 100,000 website visitors annually.

The Terrorism Research Initiative (TRI) is the parent organisation of Perspectives on Terrorism. It has three directors: Robert Wesley, Alex P. Schmid and James J.F. Forest. It was formed in 2007 and now includes a broad association of individual scholars and representatives of institutions. They seek to provide the academic community as well as counterterrorism analysts and practitioners with scientific tools to contribute to the enhancement of human security by collaborative research. TRI is working to build a truly inclusive international research community and seeks to empower it by creating synergies that can extend the impact of each participant’s research. One of its initiatives involves the establishment of national networks of post-graduate researchers working on their doctoral theses on terrorism, counter-terrorism and related subjects.

The Center for Terrorism and Security Studies (CTSS) at the University of Massachusetts Lowell was established in 2012 as an interdisciplinary effort to study and contribute to a broad range of our world’s most complex security challenges. James Forest is Director of Security Studies at the Center. In addition to terrorism and counterterrorism, faculty in the CTSS also examine new innovations in biological, chemical and radiological sensors; the uses of drones; railway and transportation security improvements; the intersections of transnational crime and political violence; and cybersecurity, among many others.

Perspectives on Terrorism is a peer-reviewed online journal published by our Editorial Team six times per year. Each issue of the journal contains typically a mix of articles, research resources and reviews from experienced, seasoned researchers as well as from more recent newcomers to the field – often post-graduate students finishing their PhD theses. Perspectives on Terrorism has more than 3,200 subscribers. Subscription is free for bona fide researchers and CT practitioners. Registration and subscription can be accessed at the following website URL:


PT seeks to provide a common platform for established scholars as well as academics and professionals entering the field of Terrorism, Political Violence and Conflict Studies. We invite you to:

  • present your perspectives on the prevention of, and response to, terrorism and related forms of conflict;
  • submit to the journal accounts of evidence-based, empirical scientific research and analyses;
  • use the journal as a forum for debate and commentary on issues related to the above;
  • suggest proposals for special issue topics to be guest-edited by qualified senior researchers;
  • volunteer as a peer reviewer for submitted articles;
  • volunteer as Editorial Assistant to Perspectives on Terrorism;
  • volunteer as a Research Assistant to staff of the Terrorism Research Initiative.

Robert Wesley (Founding Editor)

Alex P. Schmid (Editor-in-Chief)

James J.F. Forest (Co-Editor)


Perspectives on Terrorism is  a journal of the Terrorism Research Initiative and the Center for Terrorism and Security Studies

ISSN  2334-3745 (Online)

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