Author Guidelines

Perspectives on Terrorism (PT) is accepting high-quality, original manuscripts for publication. PT publishes solicited and unsolicited articles in English. Articles submitted for publication should be based on recognized scholarly standards.

All papers submitted to Perspectives on Terrorism are peer-reviewed after which they usually undergo minor or major revisions by the author(s). The Editorial Board currently consists of 15 recognized scholars but outside referees are also approached for peer-review.  Our objective is to inform authors of the decision about the publication of their submitted texts within three months. Authors can expect comments on their submissions from two referees within two months. Following revision an accepted paper will normally be published in one of the next two issues of the journal. Copyright of articles remains with the authors, but so does legal liability. Prospective authors should send files of their manuscripts (including abstract) to the editor-in-chief at [email protected] .

Authors considering to submit an article for possible publication in Perspectives on Terrorism, you should be aware that


  • Submissions should strive to be objective, non-partisan, evidence-based and carefully documented;
  • Articles should represent original research that has not been published elsewhere and that is when submitted not under consideration or review by another journal;
  • Copyright of articles remains with the authors - but so does legal responsibility for any content;
  • PT wishes to be informed beforehand about re-publication of articles originally published in PT;
  • PT does not require payment from, or offer payment to, authors of articles nor do the Editorial Team and the Editorial Board receive or accept payment for their work;
  • To guarantee unbiased peer-review, articles should be submitted to the editor-in-chief in two files: (i) full article with name(s) of author(s), abstract, complete text with endnotes and author(s) biography/-ies and (ii)  an anonymous version without the “About the Authors” section at the end.
  • Submissions should be about 4,000 words long, have endnotes in square brackets [not footnotes or Harvard citation] and should preferably be written in WORD, letter size .12, font Times New Roman. The length of articles is, however, negotiable. 

Legal Note

 Perspectives on Terrorism hosts articles that reflect a diversity of opinions. The views expressed therein, and the empirical evidence cited in their support, remain the sole responsibility of the contributing authors; they do not necessarily reflect positions and views of the journal’s Editorial Team or its parent organisation,the Terrorism Research Initiative. 


Perspectives on Terrorism is  a journal of the Terrorism Research Initiative and the Center for Terrorism and Security Studies

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